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T-Sparx and the Dashinator

T-Sparx & the Dashinator in da house YO!

Man, season's 4 "Testing, testing 1,2,3" came to my mind when seeing that episode, and that's one
of my fouvrite episodes :D "Top Bolt" happens to pair again Dash with Twilight and it does it
with great results! I really wasn't sure what to expect at first, but overall it turned out great,
Spitfire being the drill seargant once again was amusing as always, the chemistry between
"Bookhorse" and "Skittles" was great too - as always, MLP does fantastic job when bringing together
characters with personalities that contrast with each other, and that:

My fav still from this season xD

I also like two new ponies, Sky and Vapor Trail, both characters with their own strengths and flaws
are likeable pair - it's sort of season 1/2 Rainbow Dash & Fluttershy combo, to certain sense, of course and the conflict they provided was very interesting to see. Also Vapor seems
to be channeling bit of Fluttershy - to a certain extent that is - so another points for that ;)

Also, is Sky older brother to Lightning Dust? in retrospection when Sky's family is shown there's
one little kiddo looking quite similar to her. Wouldn't be surprised ;)

All in all great episode, and much, MUCH to my favourite one when it comes to this season.
Great mix of my favourite parts of the show - chemistry between the characters, comedy and interesting conflict.

Season 6 Rank (so far):
1) Top Bolt ( ep 24 )
2) The Saddle Row review ( ep 9 )
3) Flutter Brutter ( ep 11 )
4) Every Little Thing She Does ( ep 21 )
5) Time is Changeling ( ep 16 )
6) Pony Point of View ( ep 22 )
7) Applejack's "Day" Off ( ep 10 )
8) Of Dungeons and Discords ( ep 17 )
9) 28 Pranks Later ( ep 15 )
10) Where the Apple Lies ( ep 23 )
11) Spice Up Your Life ( ep 12 )
12) Fault in Our Cutie Marks ( ep 19 )
13) A Heart's Warming Tail ( ep 8 )
14) Buckball Season ( episode 18 )
15) Stranger Than Fanfiction (ep 13)
16) The Gift of Maud Pie ( ep 3 )
17) Viva Las Pegasus ( ep 20 )
18) The Gauntlet of Fire ( ep 5 )
19) The Crystalling ( ep 1 & 2 )
20) Newbie Dash ( ep 7 )
21) The Cart Before the Ponies ( ep 14 )
22) On Your Marks ( ep 4 )
23) No Second Prances ( ep 6 )
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I love this sketch. It sums these two up well. I like the rapper outfits.
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It really was one of the best episodes of this season. It was funny, cute and had a nice moral. Dash and Twilight worked nicely off of each other and I just love Spitfire, she's so adorable when she breaks the spirit of those newbies... :D

It's also really cool how you made them really look like T-Sparks and the Dashinator. Even though I don't like Rap, the astethics work ^^
Maybe the Elements of Harmony will all start a rap carrier? I mean Rarity would have a blast with the costumes and and AJ and Fluttershy surely would have so things to say about hard work and cute animals ;-)
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Indeed, and as for the drawing, thanks you kindly, I do have some sentiment for older rap stuff so I guess that astethic works for me very well ^^
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Ponays wid Attitude!
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sorry to hear about all the problems you had before you could watch it, yeah I can see it could kind of spoil your exprience with that episode. Personally, I've seen it on last monday due to early UK release, and it was a blast, more so given the fact I had a TERRIBLE day at work that day, so I guess it was also something I really needed ;)
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Nicely done, I haven't seen the episode yet but will soon.
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I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did ^^
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Excellent sketch, SMPJ.
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I prefer Professor Princess and Top Crasher
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
works as well actually ^^
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school  sucks
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Sadly. I guess it depends on exprience too though. I can't say I had awesome time at school myself though xD
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They should collaborate with pinka pinka the rapper and made a rap album!
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They should band together so they could form something like Run PNK or PWA :P
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Stay in school, or you'll get schooled! .:*Emoticon*:. Blossom- RAPPING  
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Lol is that icon from some of PPG episode? it doesn't look familiar :)
gizmo01's avatar
I've never seen it befor but it looks alot like Bloom of the PPG :D
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