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Sidekicks time

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Best idea I could come up with in regard to latest episode.

It's sidekicks' time as the worst excuse for a reformed antagonist and Starlight Glimmer visit
Thorax and his hive. Glad it wasn't map episode by the way. What else to say...
Actually I can't say I'm surprised by this episode in positive or negative way, it's more or less the episode I expected.
For better or worse this episode doesn't do anything new to Starlight or Trixie characters, so for those
who are fans of those two it's good news. For me? Nothing new, I still doin't buy that duo or their dynamic. Well, I felt like it was average
CMC episode - it's doesn't do anything terrible but nothing great either, it's
forgettable. Decent, but forgettable. Best moments bolenged to changelings themself. Thorax as leader was nice to see and his brother Pharnyx is likeable addition. However I can't say the story was too investing, still, I liked the sibling theme and the closer inlook on Changelings was certainly best part of this episode.

1) The Perfect Pear (e13)/Fame and Misfortune (e14)
2) Celestial Advice ( ep1 ) 
3) Parental Glideance ( e7 )
4) Flurry of Emotions ( ep3 )
5) Triple Threat ( e15) 
6) Discordant Harmony ( e12) 
7) Honest Apple ( e9 ) 
8) Campifre Tales ( e16 )
9) Not Asking for Trouble ( e11 ) 
10) Rock Solid Friendship ( ep4 )
11) A Royal Problem ( e 10 ) 
12) Forever Filly ( ep6 )
13) Fluttershy Leans In ( ep5 ) 
14) To Change a Changeling ( ep 16 )
15) Hard to Say Anything ( e8 ) 
16) All Bottled Up ( ep2 )
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"worst excuse for a reformed antagonist"?

People (including the show) seem to forget that Trixie was being corrupted by dark magic, and that wasn't really her, and she would never normally want to do that.
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She was minor antagonist in both Boast Busters and Magic Duel. Also, she took the alicorn amulet on her own will with the intent get her revenge, it wasn't put on her against her will. Some people seem to forget that.
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It was stated that the Alicorn amulet corrupts the user and causes them to become more and more cruel. She didn't know that when she put it on, and while it was her plan to go humiliate Twilight, bullying everyone, enslaving the town, and trapping everyone was far beyond her original goal, and that was caused by the corruption of the amulet, and she didn't plan on that before putting it on. Am I saying she's blameless? No. But I don't like how the show and some people put that all on her and make her seem like she was this horrible person and give her no leeway. She was literally having her mind altered; you can't 100% put that on her. I would put it at under 50%.

1 thing I always found weird about this is that Starlight and especially Discord did way worse under their own free will, and yet Twilight forgave them a lot more easily, but Trixie does something not nearly that magnitude because her mind was twisted by dark magic, and yet the second Twilight sees her again in No Second Prances, she immediately has this attitude of "I hate you. I don't want you anywhere near me, in my town, or anywhere near anyone I care about." It's so weird, especially when Magic Duel ended with Trixie apologizing and showing genuine regret and Twilight forgiving her. No Second Prances ruins rewatching the ending of Magic Duel because it retcons it into being a lie, so while watching it, you know she doesn't mean it. But the ending itself is trying to make it seem like she does mean it, and it's this genuine, heartfelt moment. Twilight shouldn't be so quick to hate her when she fucked up royally in Lesson Zero, and Luna became evil and did worse than Trixie, and Twilight loves her and is willing to extend a hoof of friendship to a villain and give them a 2nd chance, so I just don't get why she can forgive Starlight and Discord but not Trixie. Isn't she supposed to be the princess of friendship? Isn't forgiveness a part of fostering positive relationships?

Discord fucked up Ponyville, destroyed her friendships, kept trolling her well after being reformed, betrayed everyone and sold out all their lives for himself, and then continued fucking with Twilight for his own amusement after she saved his life and forgave him for that and he supposedly saw the error of his ways.

Starlight brainwashed an entire town, stripped them of their talents, kept them under her hoof, attacked and locked Twilight&friends in a shed for who knows how long while blaring propaganda at them and deprived them of food and water in order to break their minds after ripping their talents away, was going to try to spread this all over Equestria, erased Twilight's friendships, fought her several times, and forced her to risk her life in a bunch of horrible, nightmarish timelines to put things back (1 of which literally killed everyone in the world).

These 2 were completely in their right minds while doing these things and gleefully did them of their own free will.

But no, Trixie is way worse than all that! It doesn't make any sense!
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Hahahaha wow, you got worked up over this...Do I think Starlight and Discord did worse? sure, but in in contrary to Trixie they showed they are more willing to try a new leaf. Discord messing with Twilight is his hobby, plus being a Spirit of Chaos still gives him a big ego, so here's that. Don't forget how he messed with Trixie in "to where and back again", showing just how big his ego is - though it's not like he didn't had a reason for it. In Trixie's case problem is, she basically remained same haughty self-centered asshole, although you think she would know better after her two encountares with Twilight. Also, don't get me wrong, "No Second Prances" is a mess of a episode overall, and it's the reason why Trixie redemption just didn't work out in my opinion. Twilight panicking over Trixie's return like it was her biggest arch nemesis returning for venegence and Trixie behaved like an asshole clearly with ulterior motive again, but nope, you're supposed to root for her because she's buddy-buddy with Starlight now. That episode would make more sense if "Magic Duel" hadn't happened, especially the ending that showed that Twilight and Trixie kind of buried the hatched there, until "No Second Prances" showed otherwise. So yeah, Trixie's arc is a mess. Sadly. Wow, now I got worked up over that nonsense.
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I was joking; I wasn't really that mad and just felt like going on a tangent.

Starlight was willing to turn a new leaf, but Discord...not so much. Twilight disliked him  less than Trixie even before the S4 finale, even after she didn't think he reformed in Keep Calm And Flutter On, even after he decided to become a 3rd wheel and interrupt her and Cadence's get together and lie, even after he betrayed everyone's lives. And then in What About Discord, he's enjoying how much he's pissing her off and doing some of it on purpose, which is weird because you would think that after what she did for him in Twilight's Kingdom, she'd shoot to the top of the list of people he wouldn't fuck with. You say it makes sense for him to do this to her, but then it still doesn't make sense for Twilight to like and want to be friends with him. Normal people would not want to be around someone who sometimes mentally/emotionally torments them just for the fun of it. Don't tell me you would be mostly fine with and put up with it.

I just rewatched when they met again, and before Trixie even did anything, Twilight looked and sounded uncomfortable and annoyed with her even being there. And then Trixie says "we've had our differences" slightly coldly. Hardly an offense. And Twilight gave a false smile Trixie saying Twilight gave her a second chance. And then after that, the episode does a joke about her being The Humble And Penitent Trixie and doing an apology tour. That might be a flaw, but that's hardly her being a bad person. That's not too much worse than how Rainbow Dash can be. And the arrogance is not what Twilight has a problem with. The problem is she (for some reason) thinks Trixie is "still" evil. It's not that she was conceited, and then when Twilight saw her again and thought she would be different, but she was conceited again, so Twilight thought "Oh, I guess you haven't changed." There would be a surprised and offended reaction because of something Trixie did in the interaction if that were the case. Twilight pulls Starlight aside to tell her that Trixie is the wrong crowd to fall in with. She's acting like the corruption of the amulet was never a factor, and she's putting it all on her. She doesn't just think Trixie was arrogant, but an awful person. It comes off as though anything Trixie actually did in the interaction was incidental, and Twilight would've acted like that anyway just because it's her. Which is wrong because it's out of character because Twilight's not a bitch, and she forgave other villains way more easily who did way worse, and she forgave Trixie at the end of Magic Duel, and Trixie was genuinely sorry.

Watch 7:30-9:06:…

When you said Trixie's arc was a mess, I agree. When Twilight said Trixie wasn't nice, Trixie actually hasn't done all that much not nice stuff. I blame the amulet for her enslaving the town, and the only other thing in that episode that I would hold against her was getting the Amulet in the 1st place with the intention of humiliating Twilight. And I actually don't hold what she did to Twilight's friends in Boast Busters against her. Boast Busters is a weak episode. Everyone took issue with Trixie building herself up so much, but she's a performer. That's what performers do. It would be like if you hated a person who was a wrestler on TV for talking about how badass they are and actually took them seriously and went into the ring to interrupt their show to shit talk them and kick their ass to prove they're not awesome. If they kicked your ass, would you blame the wrestler? No, you wouldn't. But that's what the show did. The crowd and Twilight's friends all started heckling and antagonizing her, and they deserved what came to them. But I can't help but wonder if Twilight's holding that against her too, which is nonsense.

And then she got her house destroyed, humiliated, hated by everyone, and forced to work menial jobs. And why did she hate Twilight to get the amulet in the 1st place? Twilight didn't humiliate her. She showed up after Trixie failed, humiliating herself, and solved the problem and didn't even interact with her. Bringing her back as a villain in Magic Duel almost feels like the writers knew she didn't deserve the way she was treated in Boast Busters, so this was their attempt at making her deserve it.

Anyway, I also dislike the way Trixie is acting in this scene. Trixie is relishing in making Twilight uncomfortable. She's not acting like this because of a specific thing Twilight did in the interaction because there would be surprise and offense on her part when it happened; she's acting like she dislikes Twilight and was going to act like that anyway because it's Twilight. I don't understand why because she has no right to after what she did in Magic Duel, and Twilight had the strength to forgive her (in that episode, but No Second Prances retconned that into being a lie). Why is she acting like this?

I don't get where either of this is coming from. And because both sides are wrong, it creates a story where I can't root for or care about anyone. Yeah, Twilight's being a controlling bitch, but Trixie's conducting herself with the air of a cunt, and Trixie was a jerk, but Twilight always would've hated her and wanted her gone anyway. Both sides would've always acted they way they did because they both apparently had dislike of each other going into it. Now, I'm fine with stories where both sides are wrong, but they still have to be written like intelligent, realistic, 3-dimensional people, and you still have to get where they're coming from, and this show has had episodes like that in the past that I've liked. But this doesn't. This is the equivalent of 2 cats meeting and not liking each other. I'm not saying they'd be best friends, but at worst, it would just be awkward silence.
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There's...really no reason to be that descriptive. I know that episode.
As far as show's standards go - Trixie was a minor antagonist, same as Flim and flam. Keep in mind It were simpler times back then how stories were written with the first few seasons. Aside from that Trixie is kind of a self-absorbed cunt from the get go and it hasn't really changed all to much. Indeed her arrogant stance is quite similar to Rainbow Dash, especially how she was in first two seasons. I didn't liked her back then too. However RD matured from season three onwards, while Trixie still is arrogant bitch. The problem I have is how half-assed attempt it was to get her on the good side with "No Second Prances", and as you described the hostility level between Twilight and Trixie is ridiculous, would they feel bit uncomfortable or awkward around each other? sure, that would make sense, but no, the air of hostility from both sides was seen and felt, which threw me off as soon as they met in Twilight's castle. 

Aside from that, a question on my own: why you got so worked up all over it? after I called her worst case of a reformed villain? Does it really make you so bothered why other people think of her?
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I felt like calling her an "antagonist" was a bit strong, and I just felt like talking is all.
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Hmm, could it be because of partial brainwashing, Trixie are more easily influence by the dark side?
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Wow, we agreed on an episode. The part I hated was the whole "feelings forum" crap...there was like five minutes of social justice pandering in the middle of the episode for basically no reason, and I found it very annoying. Aside from that, it was just sort of "meh."
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Actually I liked the Feelings Forum - heck most of the scenes with the changelings themselves were rather okay, and it's actually nice to see that writers seem to have some idea on how to tackle them since their "reformation" - perviously they were simply bunch of underlings under true villain - Chrysalis - so know we actually have some characterisation of that bunch, not sayin' it was perfect but it delivered some entertainment here and there ;)
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Some characterization is nice. The Feelings Forum and desperately-shoehorned-in transgender joke just felt so...pander-y to me.
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Ok, we get it, you hate Trixie! :D Actually knew her presence would be a low point for you, you're  a tad predictable in that sense ;). Going to surprise you but I wasn't exactly happy with this episode either. Normally I like Trixie episodes but there are always new things added to her character but not in this episode. It was pretty much been there, done that. I'm also a bit disappointed that there won't be a changeling uprise, I feel they missed the ball on that one. Then again, the movie is coming out soon and there's no place for a new Chrysalis army in the distant future.

SoC: To Change A ChangelingChange is a very popular theme in music, I could go on for days doing this but I will stop with those. This is probably due to the fact that change is a part of everyone's life. As that Iona song says, everything changes. What embodies change more than a changeling? The very name tells you that it can change into anything. In the world of MLP that is exactly what they were and just like in every other form of media, they were not nice. Our lovely queen led these menaces to almost taking over Equestria until a certain purple pony  convinced them to do good causing our queen to go into hiding while her former subjects turned into paint vomit deer-like creatures. As we found out a few episodes ago, there are some that haven't really embraced this new life, particularly Thorax's "brother". Of course this can't be allowed. So our heroines will have them attempt to make him conform, to change the changeling. I'm sure this is the episode where they will do this and from the Youtube thumb

My review I feel may reflect my feelings on the episode but hopefully you find some enjoyment in it. BTW, not going to try to defend Trixie this time. I know from previous experience that no matter what I say about Trixie, it won't change your opinion of her (just like you won't change mine).
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Hahahah, hate? Such a strong word. I hated her in season 6, in season 7? I simply don't care all that much. I'm not invested. 
She and Starlight are equivalent of CMC in season 1 or 2 - I never really care for episodes with them back then (not much changed nowadays ;) )
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I think you know I meant hate in a light hearted manner. It's like how I hate the new changeling look. You read the parts where I talk about them being abominations, but in reality I don't care about the new designs one way or the other. I don't love them but I'm not foaming at the mouth with hatred either. The Rainbow Powers thing on the other hand.... :projectilevomit: 
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Hahaha I bet you're glad the rainbow power appeared in only one finale no? :)
But that's true, the powered up mane 6's design was sort of overtkill, some additional colour here and there would be suffice, like in manes and tails but yeah guys went overboard back then xD 
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CaptainEdwardTeague General Artist
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Well evil always has a few tricks up their sleeves.
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Lol, that was funny, still haven't seen the episode will watch it tomorrow.
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SzafaLesiakaStudent Writer
Indeed, that pesky "free will" thing is heavily overrated. :>
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webkillaHobbyist General Artist
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NicolasDominiqueProfessional Artist
Tak było.
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Pharynx: “Join me Trixie and I will complete your training making you the most powerful pony in all of Equestria”
Trixie: “Never, I am happy with who I am and the friends who…. like me”
Pharynx: “I’ll make you Rich and Famous”
Trixie: “I’m in!”
Starlight: “Why didn’t I brain wash her when I had the chance”
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