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Sidekicks time

Best idea I could come up with in regard to latest episode.

It's sidekicks' time as the worst excuse for a reformed antagonist and Starlight Glimmer visit
Thorax and his hive. Glad it wasn't map episode by the way. What else to say...
Actually I can't say I'm surprised by this episode in positive or negative way, it's more or less the episode I expected.
For better or worse this episode doesn't do anything new to Starlight or Trixie characters, so for those
who are fans of those two it's good news. For me? Nothing new, I still doin't buy that duo or their dynamic. Well, I felt like it was average
CMC episode - it's doesn't do anything terrible but nothing great either, it's
forgettable. Decent, but forgettable. Best moments bolenged to changelings themself. Thorax as leader was nice to see and his brother Pharnyx is likeable addition. However I can't say the story was too investing, still, I liked the sibling theme and the closer inlook on Changelings was certainly best part of this episode.

1) The Perfect Pear (e13)/Fame and Misfortune (e14)
2) Celestial Advice ( ep1 ) 
3) Parental Glideance ( e7 )
4) Flurry of Emotions ( ep3 )
5) Triple Threat ( e15) 
6) Discordant Harmony ( e12) 
7) Honest Apple ( e9 ) 
8) Campifre Tales ( e16 )
9) Not Asking for Trouble ( e11 ) 
10) Rock Solid Friendship ( ep4 )
11) A Royal Problem ( e 10 ) 
12) Forever Filly ( ep6 )
13) Fluttershy Leans In ( ep5 ) 
14) To Change a Changeling ( ep 16 )
15) Hard to Say Anything ( e8 ) 
16) All Bottled Up ( ep2 )
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"worst excuse for a reformed antagonist"?

People (including the show) seem to forget that Trixie was being corrupted by dark magic, and that wasn't really her, and she would never normally want to do that.