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I think that's last of the ideas I was catching up making. I've came up with thise one quite few months ago, sometime around drawing pages of "Angelic Flutterboom". Sadly as much as I was thining about making this comic I had a lot of struggle with actual writing it. Beceause of my total lack of exprience in writing Luna and Celestia I was somehow unable to write anything cohesive. Luckily there was :iconwhisperer-of-winds: to the rescue; he gave the story shape most definetely worthy of basing the comic upon, so yeah I consider the story to be our shared creation, for me landing the basic idea, and him giving it form it desperately needed, so mate, thank You, it wouldn't be possible without Your help :)

Aside from that, You know my love for crossovers, especially comic related stuff, and frankly I think silver age's Thor would feel quite good in Equestria :P

Additional thanks to :iconinfrasonicman: for recent insight about mistakes in dialogue, grammar and such, and offering a hand in correcting them, it was pretty educational :)
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Celestia's face in those last two panels is what really cracks me up. :lmao:

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OMG! I actually saw someone do a comic dub on this from YouTube just now!
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Really?  I am aware of few dubs but not that one.
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I think it was done by Gina M. I forgot, but I think it was her.
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Ah I see, thanks for the info :)
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I'm laughing so hard right now ... and just think how this might end. A night out in canterlot ... Celestia desperately trying to do damage control. The press headlines the moring after ... and Luna discovering modern pain medicin to help with the headache :D

BTW: The comic dub… brought me here :-)
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Hahah, thanks for the share! it's always awesome to see those dubs, some fans really keep impressing me with the work they put into those :)
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Wow, mate! I was just checking our collabs on random when I saw this! COME ON!!! You know I would get a blast from this ^_^
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hahaha, sorry for not noticing you on that ^^'
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"This drink, I like it. ...Another" *smashes cup*
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I love this comic! =D
*fav'd it a few months ago
I'm "watching" you! ;)
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thanks man, hope You will enjoy more stuff that I hope to post this coming week :)
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Your welcome. :)
Also, wouldn't miss it for the world (unless I had a chance to go to Equestria).
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Yeah. :)  I believe there is a universe with them somewhere.
Thor broke coffee because he wants for in a movie now he broke a teacup because he wanted to
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Thor has been to the moon so many times in animation and comics wouldn't be surprise if he knew Nightmare moon.
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i just wonder who would win a fight...
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Speaking of, a long time ago I thought that maybe Screw Attack could do Freddy Krueger vs Princess Luna?
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