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Rarity Get Your Sword Part 7

Story by: :iconpony-berserker: & :icondoublewbrothers:
Editing by: Middy
Lettering: :iconpony-berserker:
art: :iconsaturdaymorningproj:

Part 1: (comic by Pony-Berserker)
Part 2: (comic by by doubleWbrothers)
Part 3: ( comic by Pony-Berserker & doubleWbrothers )
Part 4: (art by doubleWbrothers and saturdaymorningproj; script by Pony-Berserker & doubleWbrothers)
Part 4.5: (art and story by labba94)
Part 5:
Part 6: ( comic by Story: Pony-Berserker and doubleWbrothers script editing - Middy sketches and lineart - Pony-Berserker (me again!), colors -saturdaymorningproj )
Part 7: You are here!
Part 8:
Part 8,5: Rarity, Get Your Sword! (Part 8.5)
Part 9:
Here were are at it again! Since I got some time and Pony-Berserker was interested in it as well, we joined the forces once more to produce next part of Rarity's epic ordeal. Because this story must be continued - for the benefit of the universe :D
Anyway, new setting feels quite nice, if you can describe prison as nice ;)
Part 10:
Part 10.5:
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Solo cambia crustáceo gigante por heteropatriarcado
TheBadFaerie's avatar
You seem curiously familiar with the goings on in a woman's prison.
Godzilla278's avatar
Is that her mom and render the family
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Alternate lines

Cherry Jubilee: And why are you in this hellhole sweetheart?
Rarity: Um, I fought a giant crustacean. 
Cherry Jubilee: Well in here honey, you're going to be fighting TINY ones!
ShonenJump4eva's avatar
And now for Rarity to kill herself before she thinks about her Mom being Cherry's prison lover, or worse.
zfragger's avatar
Not sure if it would wise to throw two unicorns into a cell together. Especially mother and daughter.
Well of course. "Fought a giant crustacean" is slang for "killed an entire rival gang," and everypony wants to look tough in here.
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
wait for her getting her tatooed tear :P
JNRedmon's avatar
This is hilarious.
Animatorsnake's avatar
Well, it's seems this has returned, hasn't it
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
Miss Jubilee done murdered those witnesses.
Fuzzcut's avatar
At last it has come, and more is still to come?
Fuzzcut's avatar
They need to stop her from using magic. She might be able to use it to escape
BB-K's avatar
Yikes, cannot believe they're in prison too.
Culu-Bluebeaver's avatar
"That's what they all say these days" XD Simply wonderful :thumbsup: Keep up the great work. 
Ay, look! It's da missin ingredient to mah smores!....
*gets up from my prison bed*
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Lol, this looks to be going in a strange yet cartoony punchline-like way. I shall await for more, if there is any of course =p
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Visitor hours..."Spike? How nice to see you".

"I have a royal pardon for you...but".

"But what Spikey Wikey".

"It has a catch".

"A catch?"

"Yeah you need to be family".

"Who's family?"

"guess whos?"


"I guess that's a yes?"
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I think they should've made that dress into that infamous blue/gold dress from last year lol
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