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Plus One

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Published: January 27, 2019
One of the overdue projects I was working. When :iconpc-the-unicorn: approached me about it I knew I had to work on that one ;)

story by :iconpc-the-unicorn: (well, I tampered with ending a tiny bit.)
art by :iconsaturdaymorningproj:
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Did she need to hang a sign on his neck?

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Well, since there are better alternatives, why stuck with Starlight? Pure and simple :P
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Starponys87Hobbyist Writer
Starlight, why don’t you just ask him? If you keep containing your feelings for him, you’re likely to blow up on him.
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Poor Starlight.  Leave it to a nerd to not know the obvious...
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Read this story and don't be afraid I am Jordan, 8 years old. I cut off my arm and stuck my eyes out of my sockets. My face & clothing is covered in blood. I'm dead. But I must and will let others feel my pain. If you do not forward this to 15 people, you will see me at 12 o'clock in front of your bedroom window and something terrible will happen to you. Don't you believe me?  * Case 1 *, Hannah Simons  Hannah received this forwarding message. She hated chain messages and she sent it to 0 people and she erased it.  The next day I jumped into the forest with a knife and let her feel the pain I felt. I cut her ears off and cut her mouth open to the holes where her ears once were. Then I dumped haa in a fox hole.  * Case 2 *, Cody Ryan  He thought it was nonsense but still sent it to 5 people. Not good enough. It was evening when I stalked and attacked him. I cut one eye out and put it in his mouth and I cut the other in half. I also cut his arms and legs off and left him on the road. He will never be able to see and never live a normal life again.  * Case 3 *, Emille Smith  He was scared and sent it to 8 people. That, of course, wasn't good enough. I still laugh about it. When he woke up that morning, I stood in his room and watched him as I stuck out his 12-year-old niece's eye, cut her hands off, and pulled out her entrails through her empty eye sockets. He is now afraid of the rest of his life and will never dare to come to his loved ones again.  * Case 4 *, Natasja Houston  She sent it to 14 people. One too few.  That evening she came home and no one was home. Later she found her mother. Or well, her head. It was on the washing machine. And she found her father dangling upside down at the lamp in her room. Day after day, someone she loved died.  * Case 5 *, Charlie Adams  He was a smart boy. He sent this to 15 people and later that day he found a note from a thousand and his mother cured of breast cancer. He is now very happy with his wife and and 2 kids

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If you’re dead, then how did you comment this? And how do you have 3 submissions? Plus, you’re using real people, but fake scenarios. Nonsense posting desperate-for-attention ass
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PerfectBlue97Hobbyist Digital Artist
I can tell that you're a guy by the fact that you've drawn Oat flavored ice cream.

For this kind of situation it should at the very least be chocolate. Triple chocolate fudge for preference.
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I'm not sure how that supposed to count as anywhint but whatevs.

strawberry flavour for me. Also vanilla.
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DawnFelixHobbyist General Artist
Sunburst! You're so dense! Dense
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Starponys87Hobbyist Writer
Maybe Starlight was just as dense for expecting someone to pick up on an unspoken message.
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I dunno, he went for best option, so I would say he's pretty smart actually.
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Third panel: Pinkie Pie Eyebrow raising Emote Giffany dem eyebrows Steven's eyebrows emote 
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DAMN. She got shut down HARD. XD
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Great comic.  It's weird but that last panel was the first time I've genuinely FELT for Starlight.
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Hmm, you're right - it IS weird. 
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ABrightSideHobbyist Writer
Is this punishment for "There and back again"?
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ABrightSideHobbyist Writer
Because Starlight screwed Twilight over when she was strongly implying she wanted to go with her.
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Ah, well, hmm, I guess so ;) welp, Twilight and Sunburst make for a much better pairing anyways :)
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ScyphiHobbyist General Artist
Oh c'mon, Sunburst, even I would've gotten a clue, there! :P
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Yeah! He doesn't know a golden opportunity when she's right in front of him.
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Nothing worse then being the third wheel.
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