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Pie And Seek Part 6

Plot thickens...
I'm sorry, I had to ;)

Script: me with the help of :iconszafalesiaka:
Art: me, again ;P

Also big thanks to :iconwhisperer-of-winds: for proof reading ;)

Part One:
Pie And Seek Part 1

Part Two:
Pie And Seek Part 2

Part Three:
Pie And Seek Part 3 by saturdaymorningproj

Part Four:
Pie And Seek Part 4 by saturdaymorningproj

Part Five:
Pie And Seek Part 5 by saturdaymorningproj

Part Six:
You are here darling :iconrarityplz:

Part Seven:
Pie And Seek Part 7 by saturdaymorningproj
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MLPegasis4898's avatar
That's a creepy corridor... :fear: :fear: :fear:
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
AAnother exllcent part here
ToonHolt's avatar
Pinkieminian Pie all over.
sigel4ever's avatar
i suppose we have to begin ... again
meiyeezhu's avatar
It's a Pinkie Fazbear suit!
VengefulStrudel's avatar
Fluttershy as the brave one? Interesting, heh. I wonder how this will conclude :D Great work as always~
Art-in-heart4va's avatar
oh the spider is fake...damn
YesImDeadpool's avatar
So close to the end! :D
1987arevalo's avatar
Chcę, aby zobaczyć polskie tłumaczenie komiksów
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
Nah, no translations man, unless not by me :P
DatPoneEnthusiast90's avatar
OMG can't wait for the next part :la:
JNRedmon's avatar
Five Nights at Twilight's?
Centaur71's avatar
I gotta say, that weird 'robot' pony would certainly scare the cruciform crap out of yours truly...
tigreanpony's avatar
This is getting good I can't wait for the conclusion.
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
thanks! here is hoping You will find the ending quite cool :D
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
I'm rooted to the spot :D. Also does a certain object in panel two have a FNAF reference?
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
yes, yes it is, actually my idea is that it's SzafaLesiaka's ponysona in form of FNAF figure :)
MorphiusX's avatar
Oh look, Five Nights @ Pinkamena's...!
JNinelives's avatar
Just a little typo: in panel 3 Fluttershy says 'of course she can be handful', I think it should have been 'of course she can be a handful' :).
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
SFaccountant's avatar
Three minutes to walk down a corridor and Twilight freaks out?
Just how big IS your castle, girl?
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
way to big for one pony :P
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