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Pie And Seek Part 2

Man, it's good to return to week-to-week updates :) and here the story continues and a new player/pawn enters the game:P

Script: me with the help of :iconszafalesiaka:
Art: me, again ;P

Also big thanks to :iconwhisperer-of-winds: for proof reading ;)

Part One:
Pie And Seek Part 1

Part Two:
You are here, darling :iconrarityplz:

Part Three:
Pie And Seek Part 3 by saturdaymorningproj

Part Four:
Pie And Seek Part 4 by saturdaymorningproj

Part Five:
Pie And Seek Part 5 by saturdaymorningproj

Part Six:
Pie And Seek Part 6 by saturdaymorningproj

Part Seven:
Pie And Seek Part 7 by saturdaymorningproj
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rautamiekka's avatar
An Alicorn who was given a warning about traps and whose friend refuses to tell anything about this part should know to use magic to defend for a trap here. Twily, you never learn.
MLPegasis4898's avatar
Chocolate cannon! :O :O :O
YesImDeadpool's avatar
Chocolate. Chocolate everywhere. XD
Zorbonaut's avatar
Let's... pray that's what it is.
JNinelives's avatar
Ahaha XD
Twilight is just too much fun to prank :).
I'm sorry Twi!
DrChrisman's avatar
I must rephrase my claim: the colors look like the comics but you have a more blocky style 
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
hahaha yeah, decided to go with less rounds and more angles ;)
meiyeezhu's avatar
Quick, break open the pancake emergency box!
MorphiusX's avatar
I hypothetically thought of the same as :iconabronyaccount:...
UltraTheHedgetoaster's avatar
And in the end it turns out that this wasn't really Fluttershy, but Pinkie in disguise. =P
Kingosprey's avatar
chocolate eh.. Anyway , great work :)
ABronyAccount's avatar
:iconcrylightsparkleplz::iconsaysplz: "It wasn't chocolate... not chocolate at all... "
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
It's a wonder why prefer to think about poop instead of chocolate :P
ABronyAccount's avatar
Toilet humor is more basic than food humor.
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
HAHAHA funny one porr twlight
MNCdude's avatar
-Uuhh A Chocolate canon
-What if add a bit of powder! a bit of some small white explo---
-I-- I-- I-- I think your just hungry
DeMoN8EyE's avatar
^0^ boooom headshot!!!!
Lyricjam's avatar
Nope, it was explosive diarrhea.
MNCdude's avatar
-Well... at least is was an explosion.....
-Negative explosions are still explosions right?
- ...
Sturmlion1's avatar
Death by chocolate!
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