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Once upon a pie

This drawing is actually a result of mine conversation with :iconlsdinkvizitor: when posting the 4th part of "What goes around" during this short converstation he shared his interesting perspective on shipping and then the SoarinxAJ ship came out - yes I know it's not too often met ship, but it was interesting idea to dwell into once he mentioned how that duo could resamble sort of WWII romance story, and that got my gears into working. I decided to play with themes here hence Soaring is wearing sort of Pilot WWII jacket - with a stylish desing on th back for good measure :P - and AJ outfit is sorta based on the "We can do it" poster, I decided to keep the hat at least as a part of scenery, as to hint AJ may sort of flirting ( or simply beeing slighlty uneasy when being courted) but she is still the hardworking farmer pony we know and love ;) And when to look at it, hey both are hard working ponies, with full commitment to what they do. Soarin is dedicated flyer, while AJ puts all her heart into farm and family. AJ sure does like apples, and Soarin like applepies - perfect match if You ask me ;)

PS: I know there is plenty of passionate SoarinxDash shippers, all I can ask is, just enjoy some art, the illustration is not aimed to offence someone's OTP for whatever reason, as myself I don't really consider myself a shipper all that much in general. And please don't try do dispute on supreriority of one ship to the other.

EDIT: fixed the bottom beam of the fence on the foreground also tweaked the window to give it more natural angle - I think.

Yay, featured on EqD, much obliged :D…
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I can ship it!

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Hmmmm yes yes, they can get together just fine ^_^
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Every ship is sacred
Every ship is good
Every ship is hated or loved as it should

*Sung to the tune of Every Sperm Is Sacred (Monty Python's Meaning Of Life)
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Let the haters shout their rage with clear sound
We shall make them pay for each tear shed by a frown

Every ship is wanted, every ship is good,
Every ship is needed by the brony hood!

Trollers, racists, bigots
Spew lies just anywhere,
But we loves those who treat their
ponies with more care.

Every ship is sacred, every ship is great,
If a ship gets razed,
we find a new love mate

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I honestly don't see this pairing get enough art done for it, so this is a very welcome sight. :D I personally prefer it more than SoarinxDash because I see it all the time, and I just prefer this because it's cuter and more unique as a whole. I love the attention to detail you put into the whole thing from the props to the background. It really looks quite art-deco to me, as well. I really love the outfits you gave Soarin and AJ, and the WW2 vibe tied into it. Oh yeah, and Bloom spying on them!
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:bow: thanks it means a lot to me :)
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This is cute! I love the whole WWII theme in it!

Also, AB is best stalker! XD
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Don't fall for his superficial charm, AJ. It's clear what that boy is after. :D
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I've read that with Granny Smith's voice in mind hahaha xD
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Don't apologize for the pairing, apologies for the incredible muzzle difference.
To kiss AJ is to impale your face.
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I just love it when Soarin wales over his nearly soiled Apple Pie, back in Best Night Ever. :lol:
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haha yeah remember that, such deep characterisation xD
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DONT DO IT SOARIN! She's seducing you using pies!!!!
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Heaha I like this shipping
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Aw, cute~ AJ looks adorable in that outfit~ I like Soarin's jacket too, pretty cool-lookin' (that Luna though XD)
Interesting ship as well, I see a lot of SoarinDash, nice to see something new~ :D
Nice work on the background too! Asides from the pretty colors, I notice lil' Applebloom peeking from the house =P Good work on the expressions too, AJ's just too cute with that blush and expression~
If I were to just note something, Soarin's ear seems a bit tiny, but very good work in overall! :happybounce:
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thanks! glad to hear You overally enjoy it :D
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Honestly, I was thinking that this picture reminded me of something out of WWII.

Very nice job on it! 
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