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Of Kings And Changelings Tribute



Ooooh boy, been a while I did something like this, I think last time I mustered that kind of drawing was during my collab with :iconepulson:
for a tribute to season's 4 finale...that Duffy Duck epic xD

Anyway this right here is a tribute to great fan comic "Of Kings and Changelings" written by :iconlionel23: and drawn by :icongray--day: . Long story short, it takes place right after official MLP comic story arc "Reflections" where the mane 6 travel through another mirror to alternative world where King Sombra is the benelovent ruler while Celestia and Luna are evil tyrants. Overall it's a role reversal world but to this day "Reflections" is probably my favourite story arc out of the IDW's comic series, especially thanks to developing the character of Celestia. So if you are like me and enjoyed this story arc you will probably enjoy some more action in the mirror universe this time focusing strickly on protagonists of this paticular dimension. 

Now I know what you're thinking: "where I can read this fan comic? I must see it!" look no further and click the link below:

Also, since G--D's birthday is relatively soon, hope You will enjoy this little scribble as a gift too, never stop being awesome ;)

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