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2016 is finally here, so I assume I can finally start posting some more elaborate stuff, last month was rather tough and my pace of creating stuff was rather slow, it may still make time for me to come back to my routine full force, but in the meantime I hope you will enjoy stuff I made in during last weeks of 2015 ;)

Credit where it's due, big BIG thanks to :iconinfrasonicman: for proofreading!

This was was created upon hearing about the reactions to how Starlight Glimmer got redeemed in the season 5's finale. I mean yeah, how the writers of a kid show dare to give such simple conclusion? it should be full blown story arc taking place through the whole season 6, 
or at least Starlight head should've get her brains smashed with a crowbar, how fairtale-ish, dammit! :P
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That reminds me, I do know of an actual MLP fic that had Rorschach in Equestria. :lmao:

It was the early seasons of the show though. Pre-Starlight Glimmer. (Thank goodness for that most likely. XD)