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No occasion gifts are the best gifts

Credit where is due, big thanks to :icongoingturquoise44: for proofreading. By the way he started to write an interactive novel - go to his site and check it out and take part in it! :)

It's been some time since Lyra and Bon Bon starred in my project, I hope You will enjoy this one :)
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Now Rainbow finally knows how the last changeling that she beat up in her dream before the sunflower started to sing felt.
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It's Dexter's Dexo-Transformer!

.... Actually, I knew what it was called until now, I checked the wiki and I was surprised it was called that.
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Well you know more than me in that regard, I had no idea it actually has a name ;)
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No, I re-read my original comment. I forgot to put 'never' in the first sentence, I meant "I NEVER knew it was called that."
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what the heck??? where did bon bon get that
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she stole it from dexter's laboratory
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Lyra she said play nice lol
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yeah, Hasbro needs to add a background pony with a cabbages cutie mark.
or i can just put one in my fan made spin-off series :)
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Damn! Rainbow dash got bitch slapped! 
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Oh yeah!Dexter's Robot when playing dodgeball!I so remember that.Badass!
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"I'm kinda busy."

Yeah... busy flipping channels when there's nothing on. =P

At least Lyra's new toy is way more entertaining. :D
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pony with mecha  not good combo
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"I'm kinda busy" this is the funniest part lmao xD
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Yeah. Should probably credit Gendy Tartakovski for the "DexoRobo". Just to be on the safe side. :D Love the piece.
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lol I think the reference is obvious, no need for that ;)
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isnt that from Dexter's Laboratory show?

also applejack, we ain't paying for ****
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"Bon Bon, get out of my laboratory!"?

My god, they even have the same amount of letters in the place.
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