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Maestro's Purest Creation

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From :iconszafalesiaka: This idea was given to my by my RL friend and while I usually try to give these comics a pretty clear message, this one was made pretty much purely for fun. Artistic acts and the boundaries on what’s acceptable in painting or sculpture are an interesting issues for me though, as I deal with topics of censorship and pornography in my studies – maybe I will come up with some more interesting commentary on this with my next script. For now though, I hope you’ve enjoyed this silly little comic. ;)

From :iconsaturdaymorningproj: I have nothing in paticular to add here :P
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KaptainJayHobbyist Writer

Yea, you tell those art hating fascist, Maestro! The world won't be denied your genuineness.

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CloudyBronyStudent Digital Artist
Heya. I am thinking about dubbing this comic. Would that be alright? I really like it.
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sure thing, go for it :)
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DeMoN8EyEHobbyist Digital Artist
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That Shinning statue reminds me of a horse standing out in a field I passed by on my way to work one morning. He was certainly excited about something!
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"I will use soap and toilet paper to make a paper mache statue of ponified freedom of artistic expression!"

You go, dude! 

Someone should move Shining Armour's statue to Las Pegasus, too. 

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lol, what happens in Las Pegasus...
karkovice1's avatar
.... STAYS in Las Pegasus.

I wonder if Rainbow Dash learned that the hard way. =P
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
Lol, she kinda did. That reminds me I really need to rewatch this episode, I had some good time seeing it xD
karkovice1's avatar
I wanna rewatch Horse Play, and Surf And/or Turf, if I can find a final broadcast version that hasn't been blocked out. :P 
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
Hmm, won't the be on Dailymotion? I figure people post episodes there too :?
karkovice1's avatar
Every time I Google search, it always pulls up the Dailymotion uploads. Looks like they're blocking the final products there, too.
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
ah, I see. darn, personally I never had that problem before.
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MorphiusXHobbyist General Artist
GUTSMAN'S ASS! Well that's one fine or repulsive rock-hard rod there. :icongutsmanplz:
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This guy just needs to admit that he wants to bone Shining Armor.
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One of the art teachers at my high school once spent several days naked in an art museum.

It was a performance piece, of course. He was supposed to be naked in an art museum, or they wouldn't have let him stay for several days. Also it was before I knew him; it was just one of his works that came up at one point.
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It was rule 34 before the Internet in Equestria. :XD: :XD:
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HareTrinityHobbyist General Artist
Fun fact: The famous Pompeii statue of the god Pan having sex with a goat was originally on display in the town square.

Censorship purely for sexual content is a Victorian thing. :shrug: (Whether or not a statue of naked Celestia would be controversial for potentially being political satire or blasphemy is an entirely different matter. :p)
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I was aware of the statue you're mentioning, but I gotta say, I did not know it was on public display. Those greeks, were some rowdy folks ;P
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HareTrinityHobbyist General Artist
Haha! 'S not even rowdiness, though, just sexual imagery not being put into the 'only good for sexual arousal' category. For example, the Roman baths were decorated with saucy scenes and it's now believed this was to diffuse any sexual tension because the scenes were explicit to the point of being funny.

Greek/Roman culture still has a ton in common with the modern day, though: Romans had teenage culture (complete with the elders complaining about said teenagers' dress sense) and the ancient Greeks had debates about whether or not theatre was getting too violent (including the 'what if young people can't distinguish fantasy from real life?' argument).  :D
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
Hmm, those are some VERY interesting topics you bring up I must say. It's amazing how some aspects of civilisations are similar and and when they get vastly different from each other. That said, like the old saying goes, history likes to repeat itself ;)
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I love that statue don't even look like Shning Armor :D (Big Grin) 
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