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Lets Wrestle, Darlings

AKA Rarity, the Germane Suplex Machine :P

A little project I've been working last couple of days through my slump, could do better - I think? dunno, hope You like it anyway ;)
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I love seeing our ponies in wrestling costumes. Especially the lucha libre style costumes.

Is there a drawing of Rarity that shows her face/mask?

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Yes you're right man, I've heard that Benoit killed his family and later he killed himself. It was horrible man.
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Indeed, double murder and suicide, probably one of the most shocking wrestling-related news I've heard in my life. 
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Heh I remember that the German Suplex was a famous move of Chris Benoit. He was a canadian wrestler from WWE, to bad that he died.
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Sadly it was even more tragic than that.
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Heh heh nice suplex!!!!!
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hahaha somehow I feel like she would be a master of it :P
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I NEED to read the recent Friends Forever comic to enjoy this so much more. That being said, this looks awesome. :D
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Actually the whole wrestling deal happened in the main series - it was first issue right after the end of recent Everfree Forest story arc - that said I really recommend FF too, they are doing quite good job with this series recently :)
Which Friends Forever comic are you guys referring to?
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none in specific actually, just the series in general.
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And now for a WWE nostalgia game reference:

Shane: And the crowd comes alive!
King: They're so loud I can hardly hear you, Shane...hmm not bad.

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As Celestia as my witness, she's broken in half!
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hahah I've imagined that to be said in Jim Ross' voice xD
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Awesome! Very dramatic angle.
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ery nice and funny!  A suplex is coming...
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