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Lets Fighting Love

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I guess that would make the second South Park nod in my career as "MLP comic artist" :P
It's been quite some time since I made traditional comics, time for second run, and boy it took quite a lot from me.
Drew this after reading a synopsis for "Hard to Say Anything". My thoughts immediately went to one pairing I'm most fond of - Luna and Big Macintosh. Always liked that one ever since seeing them interacting in one of the IDW's comics. I guess now that Big Mac has his special somepony it's time to give this ship of mine one last hurrah. 

What do I think about the episode itself?
Kind of dissapointed it didn't focused more on Big Mac rather than CMC, I think if the story
would be told from his persective and had him taking actions on his own, it would make for a more fun
episode. And I hate the Feather Bangs character. Worst pony. Overall, I guess it was average CMC episode. 
I don't think it's a bad episode, but some weaker moments downplay the stronger ones.

Episode ranking: 
1) Celestial Advice ( ep 1 )
2) Parental Glideance ( ep 7 )
3) Flurry of Emotions ( ep 3 ) 
4) Rock Solid Friendship ( ep 4 ) 
5) Forever Filly ( ep 6 )
6) Fluttershy Leans In ( ep 5 )
7) Hard to Say Anything ( ep 8 )
8) All Bottled Up ( ep 2 )
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Moar ! 
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MLP needs more Celestia and Luna like this... seriously. 

oh and marvelous comic btw! <3
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thanks, yeah I like IDW's Celestia and Luna more than how they're presented in the show. Granted it's usually due to humorous nature, but still, that's one are where I like IDW's comics more than in the show ;)
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Ooohh! I've only seen a bit of the IDW MLP comics, but I have seen more Celestia and Luna in those more so than the actual show! And as you said, they were awesomely depicted! :D 

Granted, I think the IDW comics were made with Bronies in mind, and not little girls. :P
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Probably that's true, although story-wise it's sometimes hard to determine who they are actually aiming for. Sadly often characters are more presented as caricatures of themselves. When it comes to Mane 6 for example I much more like how they are depicted in the show than comics. 
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JNinelivesHobbyist Traditional Artist
Damn, this is awesome!

My favourite comic from you so far, made me laugh heartily and looks beautiful too!

I particularly like shot of Luna's morning star - I mean: Luna in the last panel :).
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hahaha thanks! been a while no? I think about drawing epilogue to it, I had it in mind ever since I drew it, heck initially it was planned to be actual last panel, but drawing of this comic took lots of energy out of me at the time, so I opted against it,  hence the comic ends in such vague manner. Perhaps, soon is the time to draw proper conclusion to it ;)
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Sigh, but oh well. I just wish the sugar belle and big mac relationship just wasn't so forced. not the greatest way to start off.
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Yeah, I do wish for this episode to be done better, but I do hope if the show ever follows their story it will be done in better fashion.
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part of me really thinks this will never be brought up again. If it is though, then it really has some redeeming to do. forced drama and characters acting like complete idiots is not pleasing. Really dislike how out of character romance episodes make characters act.
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I really don't mind Big Mac finding his special somepony, and Sugar Bell could fit the bill just nicely, when it comes to this episode, to me the problem is one - it feautred CMC, characters, I felt had no business in that story, and were just added to give it a kid-perspective. On the one hand I understand the conecpt and lesson behind it, as you said we might as well never see Mac and Belle together again. Which kind of makes me sad though. 
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CMC should never have been there. And they were not a good addition. They acted like they would have at the start of their whole crusade. The suggestions and things they had Big Mac do were very irritating and frustrating. It was just forced drama for the sake of conflict and it damages characters when writers make them so stupid and out of character. And yeah, I understood the lesson as well...despite being the same lesson from the whole love poison incident so it was pretty pointless. there were other things I didn't like about this story like the cliché underdog tale of big mac vs. feather bangs and god the music, just why. in the end, like I said. something tells me this won't be brought up again or in passing terms at the most. doubt anything major since these aren't main characters here nor is seeing more of this ship in high demand from the fans. but if it miraculously does. it really needs to redeem itself after the sour impression it left me with.
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Totally agree, CMC advising Big Mac what to do was so weird, and felt bit out of place, I guess I could understand that if they were put into more support role instead of episode's focus. Or something. Also, yeah Feather Bangs - once I saw that one, I was like, "Aww c'mon, really? We need that kind of character here?"
Still the episode had at least few amusing moments, and all in all I cared a bit if Big Mac wins Sugar Belle's heart. At first I had this episode at bottom of my season 7 ranking, but given the fact I actually had little investment into that episode, I moved it up a bit. Still, this one should be done waaaay better.
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agreed, it should have been done way better. Yet time and time again, it just seems that most writers can't help but screw up a shipping episode. Very few can do it right. And even then, even fewer can do the relationship justice afterwards. Often resulting in it never really getting brought back up in any major terms or if it does, just being a major cringe fest. in the end, I don't have high hopes for this relationship, especially since no romance in this serious has ever really gotten major observable development. Like Shining Armor and Princess Cadance, the most prominent couple in my opinion. pretty much every development that has happened with them has been done in off-screen land. Too where anytime we do see them together on a screen, its always during a major crisis or something similar, thus no real emphasis is put on just them as a couple. Thus for me, I see episodes like this as being meaningless and infuriating, whats the point of setting up a ship when your just going to leave it abandoned and forgotten at the harbor.
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Well, to be fair the show is supposed to be focused on friendship instead of romantic-wise love...That's one side of the deal. Although, if you look for good love oriented story, wait till episode 13. That is if you haven't watched it earlier due to fact it was aired in Australia few weeks ago.
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MorphiusXHobbyist General Artist
Oh yeah, way to follow continuity from The Art of the Gazebo Repair.

And so the ship gave way & sank like any other unofficial ship!
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Fantastic as always.
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Of course!
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This could only be better with some mud, although they could also legalize bigamy.

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Don't worry, Princess Luna. I prepare the shovel.
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