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Kucykowa Fanaberia

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Od :iconszafalesiaka:: Fanfenek, tutaj nieświadomie wystawiający swoją idolkę na niebezpieczeństwo traumatycznej konfrontacji z twórczością fanowską, jest maskotką ruszającego właśnie fanzinu Fanaberia

Poprzez Fanaberię mamy zamiar stworzyć unikatową przestrzeń wymiany myśli i współpracy pomiędzy fanami oraz badaczami zajmującymi się fan studies. Serdecznie zachęcam do polubienia naszego fanpage'a na FB oraz bloga na Tumblerze - niedługo ruszy również strona internetowa. Cały czas szukamy tekstów o szeroko rozumianym fandomie i popkulturze, do pierwszego wydania, zarówno naukowych i fanowskiej publicystyki - termin ich nadsyłania mija 8 stycznia (na ten czas, wszystkich zainteresowanych prosiłbym o kontakt poprzez prywatne wiadomości tutaj na DA ( lub przez maila


From :iconsaturdaymorningproj: : A quick word for those not speaking in polish, the artwork above is a kind of advertisment for "Fanaberia" - polish zine focused on all things related to the phenomenon known as fandom and popculture. The character standing next to Twilight is Fan Fennec, a mascot of the zine.
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Let's hope that the whole book is 100% written, so him can defend itself by saying that everything is the product of the reader's imagination.
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Oh No! don't read a book about silly shipping book. 
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My eyes! 
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Culu-BluebeaverHobbyist Digital Artist
I can, kind of, see why she would feel that way. 
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IBAIPshowProfessional Artist
Haha /)
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Lookit all dem shipfics compiled into one book! XD
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That guy's face tho.
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Oh god, she going to see all the ships. In best Zecora voice, "you're doomed." Great work, yes she should be afraid.
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Twilight. It's a book. Don't question it. Read it.
I mean, look at this little guy! He looks nice. I trust him.
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mistypine01Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Scary how many fans Twilight Sparkle has around the world.  ;-)
Excellent and funny art, SMPJ.
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NicolasDominiqueProfessional Artist
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Whatever you do Twilight, DON'T OPEN IT!!! 
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FFaUniHanStudent Digital Artist
Wait, so all of them (Luna, Starlight, Spike, and Trixie) are worried about Twilight and THIS is what she's been doing in there? Gosh...
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Why those characters in paticular and where exactly "there", I'm afraid I don't get the reference.
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FFaUniHanStudent Digital Artist
Is this what's happening inside Twilight's library when she locked herself up? When Trixie got books on her head?

Or is this an entirely different story?
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Oh, nah it's unrelated :P
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FFaUniHanStudent Digital Artist
Oh thank goodness... Thought it would be weird...
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"It was never meant for the world of the living" - Ash Williams concerning this book


Great job on the picture!  Very well drawn, and very expressive.  I love how considerate and grateful Twilie is, even if she's unsure about the gift.  Also, Fan Fennec is a cute little creature!  Out of curiosity, does he/she have a personality?  What's Fan Fennec like?  I ask as one who knows little to nothing of Polish culture.
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Well honestly I don't know much about him myself as I heard about the zine and it's mascot rather recently, also if I remember corretly it was designed by the Gray--Day so I assume he's rather early creation and probably still in formative period so at this point your guess is as good as mine ;)
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Okay.  Thanks for the heads-up :D.
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