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If Loving You Is Wrong I Don't Want To Be Right

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Valentine's Day eh? have something for the occasion. To me Valentine's was only kind of pointless, because, I guess...if you are with someone dear to you, you shouldn't need special day to show your affection. But perhaps I got this wrong. Whatevs. So why I made comic in relation to that day? Good question, I guess I just wanted to draw some silly ship ideas, no sarcasm, no cynism just some cuteness and fluff. And actually, I feel pretty good about it. So hey, happy Valentine's Day to you all folks, and to those not celebreating it - have a nice tuesday ;)

Oh, and the title is borrowed from the song performed by Isaac Hayes - or at least I am aware of only him singing a song with that title ;)
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Sweetie Belle:"I called dibs first."
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That's pretty much how it works XD
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ZanarNaryonHobbyist General Artist
Rainbow Dash (angry) #2 plz FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DUDE, I LIKE MARES. I'm L-E-S-B-I-A-N, Lesbian, Homosexual, I am romantically and sexually interested in ponies of the same gender as me
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ThePegasusEffectHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love this comic, great choice of shipping for Twi as well =P You've got a good taste in music, Isaac Hayes was a brilliant musician and it makes me sad listening to his songs or even seeing him as Chef on South Park. 
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magicwizard24Student Traditional Artist
I like the comic you did. I'm not a brony but twilight and sunset are cute together.
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well, thanks! truth there's always a risk of starting shipping wars, but I just felt like drawing that one. 
And most certainly Isaac Hayes had the pipes and also, aside from the voice, he always had some great tunes to follow :)
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Yay to the Spike/Belle ship.  That look on Ember's face to.  Like, "Nooooo but I wan'ts the Spike."  Oh but you can't stop the Sweetie Belle.  She see's what she wants and claims it.  :D
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fun fact, pinkie pie is the only one that isn't shipped in this, because it is already cannon that pinkie is in love with parties :)
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Welp, the turth is I didn't included anything on Pinkie here, because I already touched that subject few weeks before that one ;)
Here's my take on Pinkie Pie's love life - however weird it may be :P

Constraints Of Love by saturdaymorningproj
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Ratwo619Student Artist
I wish this ship is cannoned
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Thunderbolt-1983Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Owhhh I wish this will happen one day ^^
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Really don't have much to say here, just a warm fuzzy feeling. :) As always, I hope we'll get a chance to see some more pony Sunset, as slim a chance as that may be.
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Yeah, that would be quite cool, seeing her reunite with Celestia, or dealing with rest of mane 6, who she knows but they don't much about her, also I can't help but feel like she would went into sort of competition with Starlight, given their pasts and nature ;)
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Oh I'd absolutely love to see some Starlight and Sunset interactions. It's quite unfortunate the staff seem to want to keep Sunset "where she belongs" but I'll never stop hoping we get at least a cameo appearance in the pony world.
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some one time appearance would be nice, I don't mind her being the leader of other mane 6 or rather 7 - now that Sci Twi is aboard, but still her roots are in ponyland so I think she should have some sort of closure on that chapter ;)
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Definitely. We'll just have to wait and keep hoping. :D
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Rainbow Dash's face is amazing here.
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TheShadowscaleHobbyist Digital Artist
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No means no Zephyr.
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Still, gotta admire guys persistance - or delusions xD
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EntropicianProfessional General Artist
very nice and lovely,and nice shot for the new avatar too;)
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