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I'm a Honorary Yak Y'all!



How can one wear horned helmet and look cute? how you pull this off? Ask Pinkie Pie, she knows ;)

Anyway, very funny episode. I like how it presented, both fun but also considerate sides
of Pinkie Pie. Perhaps this episode won't neccessary show the Yaks in better light,
although it sheds some more light on their prince, hinting that perhaps some quirks of
their kingdom is more based on their leader rather than the tribe itself. Also, always nice
to see mane 6 doing their thing in that little montage. Overall, I really enjoyed this episode.

1) Celestial Advice ( ep1 )
2) Parental Glideance ( e7 )
3) Flurry of Emotions ( ep3 )
4) Honest Apple ( e9 )
5) Not Asing for Trouble ( e11 )
6) Rock Solid Friendship ( ep4 )
7) A Royal Problem ( e 10 )
8) Forever Filly ( ep6 )
9) Fluttershy Leans In ( ep5 )
10) Hard to Say Anything ( e8 )
11) All Bottled Up ( ep2 )

Well, it's hiatus time for this season...
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Ponk is the best Yak! It wasn't a top tier episode but I definitely enjoyed it.