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Who else, then, has something to hide in this time and place?

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This page give us some nice info. ^^

And so looking forward to the next page. ^^

Or maybe the simpler explanation is you just get foggy with your memories in your old age.

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Ahh, so like many things if you stretch a spell to widely it tears easily, but in Celestia and Luna's case the spell was focused on a smaller number of ponies and stronger because of it.

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Close, but not quite.

My theory, and I might be mistaken about it, is that Sombra chose to eleminate the collective memory of the crystal ponies and erase, thus "stretch a spell to widely it tears easily" which Twilight easily brookee by reminding them of who they were.

In this story, Himecchi Shinku cast a spell upon the same colective memory. She used the heart, yes, but the target of her spell was to remove every memory the crystal ponies had of her.

Why she did so? I hope you will keep up your support of us and follow this stoy of ours until she tells you why herself!

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Oh this story had me hooked from the beginning, so I most certainly will be here hungering for more.

Whisperer-of-Winds's avatar

We hope to keep you satisfied, then ^_^

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I'm not sure I understand the line "And thus it had allowed us to take you to a time nary a millennium of years ago". The word "nary" means "not", as far as I know, but if it's happening in the Crystal Empire pre Luna's banishment, it must've been over a 1000 years. Am I missing something?

Whisperer-of-Winds's avatar

No, you are not. My understanding of the exact time is just misplaced.

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This is going to be really interesting, looking forward to the next page.

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I can only agree with that.

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