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Halloween Six

Happy Halloween ;)
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whats even pinkie? lol

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sooo, at first I wanted for her to be the invisible pony, but finished lineart alone looked boring, so I added bit blurr to give it more ethereal look,, maybe ghost? ^^'

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ooo :o a ghost, I can see it now!

Zorbonaut's avatar

Not sure what Applejack is supposed to be?

saturdaymorningproj's avatar

hmm, some sort of zombie/frankenstein monster thing I suppose :P

GoldandSliverDragon's avatar

So who is the element of candy?

GoldandSliverDragon's avatar

Yeah, I know who it is

ClarktoonCrossing's avatar

Ooooh, so spoopy!

Pinkie Pie as the Invisible Mare... Does she end up stealing a bike too?

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Culu-Bluebeaver's avatar

Happy late halloween to you too :D

Needless to mention: Excellent work :clap:

However: Is Pinkie Pie the "invisible mare" or a ghost?

saturdaymorningproj's avatar

Depends on viewer I suppose. Initially I planned for invisible mare, but felt like adding some little glow for nicer look, so in result, it looks tad ghost-ish in my opinion ^^'

CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar

They all look great! Nice tribute to the night also known as Hallow's Eve!

saturdaymorningproj's avatar

Thanks, and thanks for the share :D

Maverickwolfzx's avatar

Pinkie Pie did not receive any candy but she was the one who had the most fun that night, for her part Fluttershy had to take the candys on her own since the people in the houses she visited were petrified before they deposited the candy. Don't worry, everyone was petrifided with a smile and she took only one candy per home.

tigreanpony's avatar

This looks really cool.

mistypine01's avatar

Friendship is Scary. ;-)

gutgutgut's avatar
Amazing artwork. It's like the Halloween version of the Mean 6. 😉
tis1451's avatar
such a classic monsters (and cuties)
ColonelYeo's avatar

Happy Halloween, Saturday!

And Pinkie Pie as a ghost.... that truly IS scary! XD

Lightening-McQueen's avatar

Dazzling. Awesome work! And happy Halloween to you too!

Pony4Koma's avatar

No one pony can't hear all six scary stories and survive...

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