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Good Morning

Finally done, oh, my it's been almost 3 weeks since starting this one. I tried something new with the layout, I hope it's clear enough ;)

Silly Twilight, she should know better than letting a dragon to live in place so vulnerable to fire :P

Huge Thanks to :icongray--day: for proofreading, and doing it in a very quick time, much obliged good sir *tips the hat* ;)

Funny thing, most of my comic feature Rainbow Dash and AJ, well it felt good to finally feature Twilight and Spike in some bigger focus ;)
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jajaja xd , i love it.

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Ah man, what a time drawing that one was. Time flies ^^' anyway I'm glad you like it :)

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well, it was nice knowing you spike lol
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OK She imurder him
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Just don't try to hide out with Rarity. She'll totally sell you out, because she doesn't respect you.
Hehe. Sucker... >8)
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Spike's spectacular Saturday morning project.
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More like Spike's spectacular Saturday Morning screw-up and Escape/Punishment... :XD:
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And I thought Homer had it bad when he destroyed Ned's clay figurine collection 
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Haven't seen that one but I assume it wasn't pleasant exprience for Homer xD
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Hello! I just did a dub of this comic on my Youtube channel. :)
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Oh, wow, really? cool! thanks for the info and nicely done :D
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i have a feeling spike wont be coming home anytime soon
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Skype just one word : RUN !!!
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Skype is listening to you. It's been running quite smoothly for some years now.
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If you thought that was a major #@$& up, just see how Roger Rabbit will #@$& it up!
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