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Friendship is Magic

Took me near two weeks but finally finished it ^^' I really wanted to draw something big for another MLP begin/ending anniversary but couldn't come up with anything satisfying. In the end I decided to return to idea I sketched and posted around year ago, with big group shot inspired by the one seen in opening for Little Witch Academia season 2. It's not the most original idea however the perspective is tricky to handle when drawing. Welp, I tried. I hope you like it ^^ Have a nice week and see you around :)
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I really love it! <3

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you're welcome 😊

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Hee! Sunset's here! And I quite adore her slightly critical smirk.

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So you draw sunburst.....but not Trixie or starlight (character that honestly matter a lot more in the show then sunburst.)? Okay. Aside form that, great drawing.

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Well, it's not like I'm obligated to draw these two. Besides, I grew to dislike them more and more after they stopped being villains so I don't intend to give them any more exposure. Aside from that, thanks ;)

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I do not know how these ponies are all smiling when all these villains are on the loose! I mean it would creep me out if king sombra was right behind me, Cadance.. he took your baby at one point... blast him with your lazers! btw nice art! ^^

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And this picture is magically great :clap:

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You are very welcome :)

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I love how you made this look like it's cropped out of a larger picture. A clever and creative touch.

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Wish I could say it was my idea, but to be fair it's something that also was something seen in the image I referred to in the description ^^' But yeah, it's cool detail ^^

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Fair enough. But hey, part of talent is recognizing who is worth stealing from! ;)

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hahaha I suppose that's right xD

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Friendship can change the World!

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They would, Pinkie and Discord would so mug the camera in a shot like this.

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Yeah they play by their own rules, I couldn't ignore that ^^'

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And I appreciate this attention to detail.

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I know you don't like Starlight, but she still played a big role during the show regardless...(And no, I don't think she's overrated/over-portrayed by the fandom at all, as you seem to imply in a below reply...the inclusion of Sunset, who I DO think is a bit overrated, however...Gosh, this is offending me more than it really should...)

I'm not trying to jab at your art here; it's great. If you find that I'm being offensive or just petty, I'm very sorry, and I will delete this comment if you like. I guess I just need to vent off my Starlight-defense steam somewhere...

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And I'm sure you will find plenty of people who share your point of view. However I'm not obliged to agree or even to draw Starlight in any capacity. There's plenty of artists who show their preferences - some hardly ever draw Mane 6. Heck some don't even draw any canon characters, focusing on pony OCs. And that's their right.

And no, I don't find your comment offending. You expressed yourself in civilized manner.

If you needed to throw it off your chest, well, there are certainly worse ways to go about it, so I appreciate you being polite about it. Don't worry. ;)

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veeeeery impressive :clap:

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