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Friendship Is Espionage IRL drawings

Original batch of drawings for the "Friendship is Espionage" comic  I've recently uploaded. As you can see, I planned to use fineliners, pens and markers and then colour it digitally, but again when mixing up with colours on laptop it didn't looked quite right - cue digital inking. Overall there is another comic for me yet to upload. I will try to traditionaly ink one more comic I am currently working on, using some different tools etc, if this method will fail me too, then I guess it's better for me to ink stuff digitally if I'll consider to add some colours and whatnot - three times the charm ;)

Regardless, hope you enjoy some of my traditional drawings as well as digital ones, and thanks for all the recent faves on the stuff I've uploaded these few couple of days ;)

finished comic:
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Lol very nice sketches for the colored one.
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Great ink work, SMPJ.
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Very cool process!
I prefer digitalizing everything of course, I don't really have a scanner, so my drawing tablet is my most necessary tool.
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Ah I see :) well I like to try various things, sure I did tons of digital art up to this point, but I really wanted some sort of return to the roots, hence experimenting further with traditional art and trying to combine it with my usual methods ;)
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Ahh, I see, I did make a few collabs where I digitalized an MLP comic with a tradiotional artist, and they turned out surprisingly great!
Here's an example of a comic I digitalized:…
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Ah I see, yeah it turned out well :)
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