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Friendship Is Espionage



For those wondering, first panel is based off the line Diamond Tiara said in "Crusaders of the Lost Mark" (episode 18, season 5). Yeah it is maybe late for making somewhat episode-related comic, but I couldn't work on it any sooner.

One of comics that started off on paper but I decided to ink it digitally for better effect. Will submit the original drawings for it sometime later.

Anyway this is a VERY self-indulging comic, I often made references to stuff I'm even not into for sheer enjoyement of readers who may appreciate one reference or another. This comic is a diferent story, since I decided to make it as a tribute to perhaps my favourite videogame franchise:
Metal Gear Solid. First MGS was the first game where I really cared about the characters, and story, something I don't think I really cared before when playing videogames overall. After that I bought MGS3, and loved every second of it, it's an amazing game I really like to return to. I think I like first MGS, and MGS3 the most of all the franchise, but still enjoyed a lots of MGS4 (first game I bought for PS3) and Peace Walker. MGS V has proven to be a mixed bag, indeed I'd appreciate more of the story, HOWEVER it's a killer when it comes to gameplay, stealing almost 120 hours of my life. I regret not a single minute. At the end of the day every MGS game has it's strengths and flaws, but I enjoyed them either way - except for MGS 2, I dunno, there is something off in it if you ask me. Where the franchise will go from now? does it have any future now that Kojima has probably left Konami? Who knows, one is for certain, through the years Kojima and people he worked with on those games delivered plenty of amazing moments for gamers, me included. And for that I am really grateful. Here's hoping that he will keep doing that when working on totally new projects .

Well played Mr Kojima, well played.

PS: now it occured to me it's my first comic to include all of CMC :P
PS2: Needles to say I lost it when I saw a MGS reference in "Make new friends but keep Discord" episode ;)

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