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Flashlight Paradox



:icontheflashplz: I'm dating a princess. 'Cause I'm stud.

Here it is, the third comic of the ship-kind-of bunch. Nonetheless it was a lot of fun to work on.
I've based this paticular version of Flash,
 after the one from JL/JLU cartoons ;) I find him very likeable character, very epic when it's needed, but also
fun, and actually when compared to the founding members of JL from the cartoon, the most human in some way.
I had this idea after rewatching some JLU episodes about month ago, especially "Flash and Substance"
motivated me to make this one
it was so much fun to see it :)

As for Flash Sentry: It's not like I hate him. I don't care about his character. I tend to think
that what makes good character it's how he or she is handled by writers.
Any character needs a proper writing to be good. Not every Batman story is great just because "he's Batman".
The whole MLP:FIM's fandom seems to me to be confirmation to that theory.
It always takes the right writing. And when it comes to the writing behind F.Sentry...Yeah...not much meat to him so for
me he's pretty much a background character, and I can't really get behind the idea of
"Your-generic-nice-guy" or the idea of TwilightxFlash in general the way they tried to hint it in EqG.
Ergo seeing him here or there, standing or whatever to me is pretty much same as seing, for example,
Carrot Top thrown here or there. No big thrill - no offence to Carrot Top's fans ;)

Last but not least big thanks to :iconwhisperer-of-winds: for help by proofreading and lending some ideas of his own to the comic :)

Would You look at that! I got posted on Equestria Daily! - 4th weekend in a row, that's a big honour for me, thanks guys!…
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Extra hilarious to me because in Lollipop Chainsaw, Juliet Starling (voice by Tara Strong, voice of Twilight Sparkle) dated a dude who was voiced by the guy who did the voice for the Flash in the JLA/JLU cartoons. Meaning in an AU sort of way, this IS a cannon pairing.