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:iconfluttershyscreamplz: For the animals! for the sanctuary! for the 'Murica!

My oh my, Flutterbold indeed. It was quite surprising to see how often Flutters raised her voice
this time. Also nice to see Big Daddy McColt all way back from season 5.
It was really fun episode portraying how Fluttershy is ditching her signature shyness in orther her true
main trait to take the lead - kindness. At moments she could come off as rude I suppose, but I like
how her passion for animals made her more bold and how she sticked to her guns in order to get the vision
through - granted, in real world it's rarely you realize your vision without few compromises here and there ;)
All in all it was a story about passion and detemrination and I think it was good showcase on how
the butter pony changed over time. Also, Angel bunny trains parkour. Who knew? xD
Episode Ranking so far:

1) Celestial Advice ( ep1 )
2) Flurry of Emotions ( ep3 )
3) Rock Solid Friendship ( ep4 )
4) Fluttershy Leans In ( ep5 )
5) All Bottled Up ( ep2 )
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