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A little gift for :iconpony-berserker: since from what I heard he didn't felt all that awesome for some time. I hope you're doing better nowadays, man. Truth to be told, everyone could use a hug from Pinkie every now and then. Man, I never had a comic stripe taking a month to finish. That said, I never drew comic stipe that big. Also huge thanks for the help from 
:icon3litt0: :iconroyalfeline: :icongizmo01: :iconkorencz11: :iconrunner1: who provided additional Pinkie Pie drawings - all greatly apprecieated :)

So guys, that's all for now, have a nice day, and see you around :)
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I have a question: did you know in advance what would happen in "Doctor Strange. The multiverse of madness", or is it a lucky coincidence?. After all, Pinkie Pie's movement between worlds was exactly the same as that of Doctor Strange.