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Little doodle of Spike's new love interest - ahem - I mean friend :P Fun design actually, I do hope to draw the Dragon Lord soon too, but I must get enough time to check on his desing since it is a bit elaborate ;)
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Wow, that's an awesome looking Ember.

Excellent work!
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That is some professional cross-hatching.
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You're very welcome :)
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So much ember love lately - and I'm all on board! :D
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Actually I'm neutral, felt like drawing something more in relation to last episode, and I haven't yet get the chance to draw the Dragon Lord, Torch - now that's awesome character xD
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Fair enough, each to their own! ;)
And I guess that dragon king guy is Okaaay ;D.
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haha yeah, he's funny, sure he's the grumpy over-protective father thing but I dunno, it's handled well in my opinion ;)
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I think the characters do work well together, especially with the size contrast ^^.
He may not have been the star of the show for me, but I do like Ember's dad, and I'd be happy to see him in your artwork!
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This looks like a comic book sketch. I like it.
I wonder how she's going to be drawn if she finds her way into the official comics eventually. Hopefully Andy Price gets the issue(s) then. He would draw her the most epic.

>>>a bit elaborate

The understatement of the millennium. He's huge like a mountain!
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thanks! yeah well, his has a lot going on in his design, from the armour to the crystal crown, horns etc, so I don't want to rush it xD
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Excellent sketch of Ember, SMPJ.
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Oh yes I really love this sketch.
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Fajnie wyszła ta Ember w twojej kresce :D
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dzięki, pierwsza próba rysowania tej postaci więc sam jestem nawet zadowolony xD
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Let's face it. Everyone ships Spike and Ember. XD
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
Everyone? Nope. Not me anyways. Although she is a ok character. Actually I'm not even a shipper. Well aside from Luna and Big Mac xD
klevrock's avatar
Well... most of us, then. XD

So they're the only couple you ship?
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
Yeah I guess. I don't mind shipping as artwork theme in general, as I have few of such depicting some ships, but they are more like "felt like drawing it at the time" thing rather than actual shipping. But I really like the idea of Luna and Mac being an item or something like that :)
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