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Culturally Sensitive Invasion

For all those hitting theatres for SW: Force Awakens - have a good watch :)

Here I thought I won't upload any comic this year, anyway, the idea came from :iconszafalesiaka: ,
the only regret I have about this comic is that I didn't came up with the idea. Very appropriate nowadays.
Thanks for including me on this one mate, I'm really happy I could finish up this year with such project :)
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Oh, this is going to be GOOOOD!

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So we got a Sith Pony code. Now... what would the Jedi Pony code be then?
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Have no idea. I my knowledge about SW is limited to some of the movies and that's about it ;)
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Oh. Well you do know the Sith code. Well, allow me to tell you the Jedi Code then.

There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. There is no passion, there is serenity. There is no chaos, there is harmony. There is no death, there is the Force. 
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wow. Sounds...hmm...I don't I dig it. Wow both sides of this conflicts sounds so douchey. Is there any middle ground? :P
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Well there are Gray Jedi. They side neither with the light nor dark, but settle in between. They don't deny emotions like love and they don't let the darkness consume them. Jolee Bindo is a Gray Jedi. He sees the flaws in both orders. Here's in info if you want to check.…
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Knights of Old Republic? That's why it all sounded kind of familiar, I have seen videos about this game last year or so. So I take it's all based on sort of extended universe, yes?
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Well... yes when you look at it that way I guess. Star Wars KOTOR is a fun RPG. It takes place 4,000 years before he rise of the Galactic Empire in Revenge of the Sith. 
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4000 years?! damn, I knew it was settled sometime in the past but either they were advanced that far in past, or they did next to nothing progress in the meantime ;)
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Vitiate/Tenebrae/Valkorion being culturally appropriate
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So do they swing lightsabers around in their teeth? That's hardcore.
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They probably do, yeah ponies are hardcorel ike that xD
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I really never did get this on my dA watch *sigh*
I did not watch SW yet, but I like the reference here ^_^
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thanks, yeah haven't seen it myself yet too, will have to catch it sometime new year ;)
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Indeed we do or else we won't get proper comic ideas ;P
The emperor is wise indeed. You'll never hold a conquest if you're not willing to assimilate some.
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My mom, me, my sister, her husband, her son and daughter, and our younger nephew from our step-sister will all be seeing it Sunday at noon. The anticipation is strong in this one :D.
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Sounds like pretty big family event, hope you all will have a good time! :D
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That was interesting, nicely done.
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I don't get it. Mostly because I never watched Star Wars and I don't know what words were replaced... or who those guys are in the first place _._

Nevertheless, very nicely drawn.
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