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Better late than never

Hope some of You remember 4th season's "Equestria Games" episode so it would make any sense :P
To me this paticular episode required some warming up to, before actually appreciating it, it's ain't bad, even though at first I deemed it very low. Still Spike managed to have an awesome moment, and actually quite interesting dilemma on him. Not to mention "almost" having the power pyrokinesis :P but what if...Anyway, I can't say in general I'm too happy with the outcome seen above, I have re-drawn few panels multiple times and in the end I was so frustrated with it I rushed it to the end so I could hop on the other projects, sorry. Although it was fun to draw the uniforms for the fireponies :P Don't worry though next stuff is gonna be better - at least I hope so, see ya next weekend ;)

Big thanks goes to :iconwhisperer-of-winds: for the proofread :)
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Podoba mi się sposób, w jaki narysowałeś strumień wody na pierwszej planszy ("podoba się" = "mogę próbować małpować").
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Cieszę się że Ci się podoba, nie ukrywam że większość czasu podczas pracy nad tym panelu zeszło właśnie na wodzie, bo nigdy nie wiem jak ją rysować xD
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Taa, woda jest podstępna. Też mam z nią problemy.
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Ja tam się nigdy nie nauczę jej rysować, co najwyżej mi jakimś cudem coś wyjdzie lepiej lub gorzej xD - ostatnio eksperymentowałem przy rysowaniu markerami - jak się okazuje jest coś takiego jak za dużo czerni :P
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this would had been a great irony XD
WonderboltfanRainbow's avatar so next time to meet Spike never ask for a you know :P Well it still looks good to me;)
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Look out Trollestia, Spike is moving in on your territory.
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That first panel. :XD: Great work as always.

There was actually a legend about a series of Italian paintings that supposedly caused the buildings they were kept in to catch fire. This reminded me of that.
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really? huh, didn't knew about that, huh crazy :P
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Yeah, I think it was called "The Crying Boy...."
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aH I see, thanks for the info - the more you know :)
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...I have to watch the episode again to understand the joke.
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lol I see, yeah, that's the downside on making comics based on paticular episodes, especially so long after it's premiere ;)
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Spike tried to light the brazier at the Crystal Games (or whatever festival is was), but had stage fright so he couldn't pop a flame. Twilight helped him by lighting it herself (with magic) and Spike took it as a "delayed reaction".
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Ah, now I caught that reference!
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That would explain why my cast burst into flames a few days ago, he signed and said he wanted to try a trick with his mind.  funny comic brah
So much for a hot autograph *badum tiss*
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Okay, that made me laugh. Well played, well played.
That trolly Spike face at the end is the best part.
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