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A Princess Worth pt2 Page 4 and 5

Sunset making little trip down the memory lane. Those stained glass windows though...This was probably the most challenging page - or rather pages - so far. A bit of history for you guys. Basically a story of Sunset's return and ascension. Granted there is always room for intepretation of the events, have fun. Why this paticular story is placed in the throne room. Like with most of stuff, there is a reason for that as well ;)

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story idea & art - :iconsaturdaymorningproj:
script - :iconwhisperer-of-winds:
proofreading - :iconinfrasonicman:

>>>"A Princess Worth" Part 1

>>>"A Princess Worth" Part 2
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And then of course Hasbro showed that the fandom was full of shit when they said Shimmercorn would ever be a thing.

Still love this AU though.

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aaaaa im emotional

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This is so beautiful!! An instagram user named agatha.0907 reposted this on their account, just in case you'd want to know!!

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Why 4th and 5h page? Also, what happened at the second glass-stain to the left? Was this in a comic or is this some sort of foreshadow?
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Since it's a splash page. If the comic would be in the printed form the huge panel you see above would require 2 pages. That's the approach we took with it.
As for the staing glass windows - they all tell story that happened in the past some time before Sunset ascended. And no, there isn't any other comic about those events. This page is about giving the reader some general idea of what happened in the past, leaving few gaps to fill for himself/herself.

Oh, also one more thing, about the second to left staing glass - it's regards to the event where Spike got himselfef possesed by an evil entity. 
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Oh, because since the entity had purple eyes, I thought it was Twilight who turned evil, going all Midnight Sparkle.
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Ohhhh... maybe more would be fleshed out later in the series? Me likie.
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Well that story is mentioned tiny bit later on ;)
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Damn, that's some nice art. Very beautiful :).
You shouldn't save your images as JPGs. JPGs degrade the quality of images to get smaller file sizes. Your artwork would look better if you saved it as PNGs. And resaving a JPG as a PNG doesn't reverse it; it has to be saved as a PNG from the beginning. Also, they don't scale up or down very well.
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Eh, it's a habit of mine. besides the degradation of quality isn't too drastic. Still, thanks for advice.
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I am very curious about what is happening in the 2nd window, All I can gather from it is spike is in prison, and Sunset and the Mane 5 ( - Twilight )
are using the rainbow power, but also, I love the window art design! ;P
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
Thanks, the basic idea is that Spike is being possesed by certain dark entity ( as suggested by the chains, dark colours and those freaku eyes below ). 
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Thank you very much for explaining it to me, sometimes thinks just slip past me xD
you know, you figure discord would have done something interesting in the intervening time...although maybe they keep that window in the bathroom...
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It's not like Discord appears always when something big is happening ;)
Why do you look so sad in that middle window, Sunny? You just channeled rainbow power and saved Equestria, not to mention Twilight and Spike. What possible reason have you not to party?
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the stained glasses are very cool dude! And I'm pretty sure it has been a lot of work!!..but now i can't imagine a scene like in young sherlock holmes  ehhehe

Anyway, very good work!
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Oh man, I remember this one! feels like ages hahaha, anyway thanks, glad you like it, it's been quite a lot of work indeed, and something I was trembling to work on, ever since the idea ever came out to be xD
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