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A Princess Worth, pt2, Page 15

Soooo. This might be odd way to pause comic, but truth to be told that's half of the story, it's time to let Sunset and Twilight to regain their composure before the further heart to heart talk, I hope you enjoyed the story so far, and I hope you will like the second half of this comic - whenever it will appear...

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story idea & art - :iconsaturdaymorningproj:
script - :iconwhisperer-of-winds:
proofreading - :iconinfrasonicman:

>>>"A Princess Worth" Part 1

>>>"A Princess Worth" Part 2
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I was hoping you'd explain how a cockatrice egg ended up in Fillydelphia. |D
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
Well it was stolen, by that pony in previous part, that's about it ;)
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that's not important to the rest of the story. But I believe in my head I head the concet of her wanting to sell the egg ;)
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I just love the visual language you've used of that dramatic wide shot to illustrate how much emotional pain sunset is going through
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Because every time she has to raise the sun on that day, she's reminded of a mother figure who's no longer there. She's reminded of the centuries that have passed and of the friends who are now only memories and a monument in the centre of Canterlot which has been made eternal and indestructible by the subtlest, most powrful and most advanced magic Twilight and Sunset can wield.

As much as Sunset understands and will never shirk her duty, some days the weight on her shoulders and the price she has paid for this destiny are almost unbearable.

If she could go back in time, Sunset Shimmer would have told that teenage version of her that so desperately wanted to be a princess: "No. No, you don't want this. The price is too high."
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Hiatus ??? Nooooooo !
(I hope everything is fine by your side, though)
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Yeah, I'm doing alright, just have to draw the remaining pages :)
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I just burned through this entire half of the comic, and it's wonderfully drawn and executed, but it answered none of my questions. XD
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
Yeah, I know, no worries next part should aknowledge all the stuff, it's a simple preledium to the talk both gonna have ;)
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Excited to read it!
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And then Princess Sunset "accidentally" stumbled and the Princess Twilight took full control of the realm.…

Pff, I'm a fan of Hunter X Hunter, I eat hiatus of breakfast.
KingXanaduu's avatar
I'm definitely looking forward to this talk between them both.  But I know that they'll both be okay. :)
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
We do try to keep it somewhat true to the show, not too somber, and light hearted, so yeah, one can assume that. Truth to be told, one of the reasons I decided to make this story happen, was that I was tired of all the dark stories, and wanted to have something that would still pick up interest of the reader, but wouldn't need to stray off the MLP vibe, just for the sake of adding some brutal action, or dark themes, or doing some satyrical stuff. It might come off as somewhat naive, but we also hope it will be an uplifting story in general :)
It'll be okay, Sunset. You don't even have to participate in the Summer Sun Celebration if you still don't want to tomorrow. Twilight can make an excuse for you if you want.
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Oh this is going to be an interesting talk.
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Guess it's time for the "TALK!" later.
Excellent art to end this oart of the story on.
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I think this is actually a great image to end this first half. We have a great set up, the conflict of the story is probably at it's highest and the audience it's hyped for the conclusion. If this was a TV show this would have been the time for a commercial break :D
It's an awesome image And it makes people crave for more ^^
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
Guess so, thanks, and indeed, more talk will happen in second half of the comic ^^
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I like the pacing of this page. Seems appropriate. I can't imagine either of them quite know what to say at this moment, and they probably need to reflect on things for a moment anyway.
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Indeed, My coopartner in crime really worked his tail of on giving proper pace of the story and adding lots of those tiny moments that really create one big piece of exprience, my initial concept of the story was very...raw to put it nicely, and it definetely needed the polishing Whisperer-of-Winds provided :)
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