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A Princess Worth, pt2, Page 06

Yay, slowly but surerly some dialogue is coming ^^ 

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story idea & art - :iconsaturdaymorningproj:
script - :iconwhisperer-of-winds:
proofreading - :iconinfrasonicman:

>>>"A Princess Worth" Part 1

>>>"A Princess Worth" Part 2
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I don't know what you see in those windows, but I see a pony who has thoroughly proven she is just as good and just as well-liked as Twilight by taking her place to unleash friendship magic with her friends in a crisis.
Good night... >8)
*closes the door*
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Sunset looks great!

And pls tell it's Flash Sentry! XD
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Very nicely done, really looking forward to the dialogue. I also really love the style.
ScoutCharger's avatar
What a pose ... O.O
Regal, powerful, beautiful ... that's a princess if I've ever seen one.

You guys are really laying it on thick with this one. Great build up so far, only thing left to do is making it end in a way that's worthy of the hype you're for creating yourself.
But I'm confident you can pull that off, so far you've did a great job. No reason to doubt you ^^
Whisperer-of-Winds's avatar
Your words make me so happy indeed.
I cannot ask for better repayment than your comment *sniff* ^_^
ScoutCharger's avatar
No need to get all feely and stuff. ;-)
All I wanna make sure it that you know that people really appreciate what you put together here ^^
Whisperer-of-Winds's avatar
Well, a few feels give me motivation to write more and believe me: you will shed a few tears yourself once we get to the gist of this comic ^_^
ScoutCharger's avatar
I hope so my friend :D
NicolasDominique's avatar
Majestatyczny Bekon xd
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
NicolasDominique's avatar
Taki to jest najlepszy przez cały dzień xd
NicolasDominique's avatar
No co, wiesz, że to prawda xD
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
W sumie tak, nie śmiałbym zaprzeczać xD
KingXanaduu's avatar
She looks so elegant in her natural element. :)
PhuocThienCreation's avatar
"WHO'S THAT!!!? who dare to interrupt my flowing memories?"
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
Yeah, hate that moments when someone interrupts my spacing out xD
SnoopyStallion's avatar
looking really nice so far ^^
mistypine01's avatar
Now comes the fun. ;-)
morion87's avatar
Finally. Somepony does remember how to talk. Twilight sounds way too chipper. Does she even sleep at all now?
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
Yes well, some set up and build up was needed before getting to the meat of the comic ;)
As for Twilight, ooooh, just wait 'til monday xD
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