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A Princess Worth, Pt2, Page 13

smooth Twi, really smooth - Twilight gets worked up easily sometimes, don't worry folks ;)  Bit of sad news, we are nearing to the end of first half of the comic, so yeah, two more pages and hiatus begins again. Thought I will mention it ;)

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story idea & art - :iconsaturdaymorningproj:
script - :iconwhisperer-of-winds:
proofreading - :iconinfrasonicman:

>>>"A Princess Worth" Part 1

>>>"A Princess Worth" Part 2
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After yelling at Sunset, Twilight took several deep breaths and then exhaled one final breath. She looked up to see Peashooter, Sunflower, Cherry Bomb and Wall-nut staring at her with their jaws remained hung and their eyes were filled with shocked. Twilight's yelling had simply taken their breath away. She heard snivelling and looked down and then silently gasped.

Sunset's lips were quivering and her eyes were leaking out with salt water. Guilt began to spread inside Twilight. It flowed quicker when Sunset started sobbing. Peashooter and Sunflower exchanged worried glance. Wall-nut looked weird out when he saw Cherry Bomb was smiling. Before Twilight could open her mouth, Sunset bawled her eyes out and ran into the door to her room. They still heard her crying as she ran off.

Twilight stared at the door blankly as guilt hit her hard like someone dropped an anvil on her.

Peashooter: (Glaring at Twilight) Twilight, that was unnecessarily cruel. It doesn't give you an excuse to berate Sunset like that.

Sunflower: (Glaring at Twilight) Yeah, since when did you start acting like Spoiled Rich?

Twilight: (She stared at Peashooter and Sunflower in shock and then her head hung down)

Wall-nut: I am the only one who thought Cherry Bomb's smiling while Sunset was crying was weird?! (Cherry Bomb frowns at him)

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so...what was that about?


Just a random scenario I made up. I know it's not canon to the comic.

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Why doesn't she want to participate? I haven't read the rest of this.
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I read all of part 2, and I'm still not sure. Could you please tell me? I'd rather not read a whole series just to find out 1 thing. Could you at least tell me what page the thing that made her cry happened in?
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Hahaha, oh the kids these days, always looking for instant graticifaction. ;P

To be serious however, the topic in heart of the story - the source of Sunset's internal dilemma - will be revealed in second half of the comic. It's not yet published, as I'm still working on remaining pages ;)
Twiley's just salty cause she got her flag taken and replaced with some underwear and a shirt in the most epic, autistic, calculated, innovative, and quickest fashion possible in the history of the whole world that could possibly rival the moon landing.... >8)

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can it even get more random?
>Twiley is one of the rulers of Equestria
>mfw when her purple nurple, nerdy, fat butt still belongs to me die to kek reasons

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Isn't the Summer Sun Celebration supposed to celebrate you, as Princess of the Sun? It doesn't even commemorate something you regret doing, like it did for Celestia. So why don't you want to participate?
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how long will the hiatus be?
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No idea, probably quite some time :( I still got like 13 pages to finish. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to finish one page within a week, but that's not always the case...
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Twilight looms funnily like a swan here xD
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I get that vibe each time when drawing them without depicting their legs to be honest :P
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Running from your responsibilities?
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I can't wait to read next page 030 I wonder Sunset's explain 
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Smooth move princess Twily xD
What could possibly go wrong when you're yelling at an essentially all powerful being with control of the light that keeps the world alive? XD

Fun aside though, Sunny might have a good reason for that and maybe Twilight will recognize that after a nice heart to heart moment.
Or we get an awesome princess against princess fight scene that demolishes half of Canterlot. I'm fine either way ^^
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Well, frankly, both got same amount of power - probably, so....yeah armaggeddon at best xD

Anyway brace yourself for more waiting because that's gonna take a while :P
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