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A Princess Worth, Pt 2, Page 12

Ah-a! You see Sunset, told ya! no changing the subject ;)

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story idea & art - :iconsaturdaymorningproj:
script - :iconwhisperer-of-winds:
proofreading - :iconinfrasonicman:

>>>"A Princess Worth" Part 1

>>>"A Princess Worth" Part 2
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Reading my favorite MLP fancomic (Maybe except for InexplicableBrony's Friendship Update, but that one's all but cancelled) for christmas
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Friendship Update? I'm not sure I have read that one, is it any good? Also, thanks ;)
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Well, yes and no. Only the prologue My World and one-ish page of chapter 1 Tornado has been uploaded (along with a table of contents), and nothing else since 2015. Still worth checking out for what's been uploaded, because the art is just breathtakingly beautiful
Prologue: My World cover
Chapter 1: Tornado cover (which may be my favorite cover for anything ever)
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Wow, bummer to hear that, it seemed interesting and the art is absolutely fantastic...
*slips my hot dog across her mane*
Hehehe. Technically, ah aint stealin cause ahm usin someone else's ketchup and mustard... >8)
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I just wanna hug Princess bacon hair!
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St Swithen's Day!
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I'm waiting on pins and needles for further reveals of the story!
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sadly only few more pages before another (probably loooong) hiatus :P
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hahaha yeah, I know xD
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Sunset: Do you know what day tomorrow is?
Twilight: April 30th; what's so special about that day?
That face says "the anniversary of when I ran away to the human world."
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"Uhm. O-of course I do! Uhhh... happy birthday, Sunset!"
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Um. Tuesday? Besides that I got nothing. Except the feeling it has something to do with Sunset. Myabe the anniversary of her return, or her ascension.
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Oh this will be good.
the-wild-geese's avatar
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The anniversary of the sunset's alicornication by Celestia ?
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The 517th anniversary of Rainbow Dash's seventh successful sonic rainboom after her third return from retirement and following reinnitiation into the wonderbolts?

Ok, fun aside, if say it's the anniversary of them taking over the crown. But maybe one day you will build up to something really big and then just troll your readers with the conclusion. And when that day comes I will be so God dann right xD
Whisperer-of-Winds's avatar
Hahahahahaha How the heck did you come up with that? I should write a comic about this thing with Rainbow Dash one day ^_^

No, hopefully the conclusion will inspire a few feels ;D
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It was conplete and utter randomness. I had no idea what would happen and just typed something down. I'm happy to say that this is how my thoughts look if I write them down unfiltered :D

By the way, feel free to use any nonsensical idea I spurt out, there is more than enough were those come from ;-)
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