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A Princess Worth, Pt 2, Page 10

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story idea & art - :iconsaturdaymorningproj:
script - :iconwhisperer-of-winds:
proofreading - :iconinfrasonicman:

>>>"A Princess Worth" Part 1

>>>"A Princess Worth" Part 2
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The downside of royalty is stress

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You can call her "Sunset" in Canterlot, but it's always "Sunny" in Fillydelphia.
Where's Tia? She always lets me play the game... not that I care but yeah.... >8'/
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I think Sunset needs an eagle or something... ^^;
You had to go save her, Twilight. She was supposed to be the hero, and instead she got scolded.
Saturdaymorningproj you started off with the cockitrice looking for there young whats you take on, or backstory with Sunset becoming a princess since she isn't one now .........hopefully in season 8
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The cockatrice incident was simply a little set up, to introduce the reader to the overall situation - the main focus is Susnet and her mindset. It's basically a story about living up to our own expecations, about role models, and how one may perceive them, and what is the true reason as to why
Twilight and later on Sunset became a princesses, or at least how each one of them perceives it.

I will stress out it's basically "An alternate future" kind of thing so some things happen some don't ;)
I don't count out the possiblity that down the road there will happen something in the show that will completely 
defy this story, so I guess the best things is to treat it as it's own being ;)
As for backstory of Sunset becoming a princess, I haven't thought of it in too great detail. The initial core of her ascension can be seen here, on pages 4 & 5:

A Princess Worth pt2 Page 4 and 5 by saturdaymorningproj

In my own mind - and that's the version you may count in or out - Sunset returned to Equestria, since she felt like that's her home. After short period of trying to adjust back again at Equestria, something terrible happened  - an elaborated plot created by some evil entetity possesed Spike once again turning him into hulking beast of a dragon, but what's worse it rendered Twilight powerless to act, no much detail but for that short time Twilight was somewhat broken, and Spike's turn into a monster didn't help either. The situation called Sunset to step up, and gather ponies to fight back mentioned entity and bring back Spike to his former self. 
This incident gave Sunset some reassurance to confront Celestia on more personal level, to amend the bridges - she was recultant to do that right away, and needed time. All this caused Celestia to reflect on her two students, how the interacted with each other, and that perhaps it's high time to change in guard, Susnet joins Twilight into alicorn hood, and some time later the Royal Sisters establish them as new rulers of Equestria.
That's my version in big shortcut ;) 
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Again :) Great work :clap: 
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You are very welcome :) Your drawing style is very nice and way more artistically than the original style from the show. 
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Ha ha thanks it's very flattering, although looking at the cartoons, it's always compromise of time, money etc, there are things that are easier to do in comics, but also things that only animation can do justice ;)
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"Please talk to me, baby"

Sorry. After "Sunny" I could not resist. And besides, that's what I call her too.

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Hahaha I grew fond of this shipping myself, however I'm sorry, there's no shipping in this story ;)
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I know right! /)> w <(\
Chibi Sunset Shimmer Icon 
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Damn, you're still keeping up the suspense xD
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Sunset certainly doesn't want to open up ;)
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True, she probably isn't the most open person when it comes to her own thoughts and problems. But who cares, she is still best pony and best girl and here also best princess :D
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yes, right after Twilight, yes.
I'm such a biased jerk ;)
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That only means you won't try to steal my waifu and I won't steal yours xD
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Lol, no worries, waifu-concept is not my thing xD
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I wanna hug Sunset!
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