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A Princess Worth, Pt 2, Page 07

Bitworth, almost like Pennyworth, get it? eh? eeh? I'm such a smarty smart ;P

Man, I was supposed to submit this earlier - Hell, I was supposed to draw some more panels for the comic today. All the plans for naught. I blame Bloodborne for that. 

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story idea & art - :iconsaturdaymorningproj:
script - :iconwhisperer-of-winds:
proofreading - :iconinfrasonicman:

>>>"A Princess Worth" Part 1

>>>"A Princess Worth" Part 2
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What happened to Cadance and Flurry Heart?
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Not included in the story :P
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So, since Twilight is the new Princess of the Night, can she enter dreams Luna-style?
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HEH. Heh....i's.....issa pun. You did a PUN.
Twilight, I think Sunset knows this is a perfectly innocuous failure to control your workaholic nature, but the potential still remains for her to construe this as a vote of no confidence in her ability to rule without you.
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Yup, the idea that we wanted to carry through the story is to show that both of them indeed need each other for balanced rule.
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saturdaymorningproj  what do you mean when you wrote: "Is this my throne"?
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As in she isn't sure if the throne in front of her is actually the one she should sit on - which she shouldn't since it's Sunset's ;)
Something's wrong with the grammar :?
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Thanks. Besides, I didn't find any grammar mistake.
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Ah, I see, I thought that perhaps that sentence wasn't written correctly ;)
More like Bitcoin.... >8)
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I got to say, "Bitworth" is a genius name.
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Twilight needs her coffee... :XD:
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Twilight's bed head works surprisingly well in her favor.
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Bitworth... nice! Lol, now I can't help but hear the voice of Duckworth over that gryphon. XD
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Glad to see Sunset kept her great sense of snarkiness. Considering its been who knows how long since they last visited C.H.S.
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We tried to portray Sunset and Twilight to be wiser given the age, but still having some of their traits and quirks and thus complete each other in ther common ruling ;)
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High speed elder griffon serving action, yes! :XD: :D
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I love the name of the butler. ;-)
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Assistant to The Bat-Mare?
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