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A Princess' Worth, Part 2 Page 30 (FINAL)

This is it guys. I believe we started working on "A Princess Worth" series sometime in january 2016 before releasing first few pages in june same year. It took a while, no?  But we are finally here - last page. Feels so weird to see this project being finished, all said and done, after months and months of work. At first all I wanted is to create story settled sometime in the future that wouldn't turn into dark story with themes so uncharacteristic to the show, or be just another tale that would tackle a subject of immortality being a burden - we wanted for the story to be optimistic, for the characters to have their struggles and doubts but also hope and strength. I would like to thank :iconwhisperer-of-winds: and :iconinfrasonicman: for working with me in order to make this comic possible. Also, thanks to all of you who read that and patiently awaited for pages. I hope you enjoyed reading the story as much as we did working on it for you.

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story idea & art - :iconsaturdaymorningproj:
script - :iconwhisperer-of-winds:
proofreading - :iconinfrasonicman:

>>>"A Princess Worth" Part 1

>>>"A Princess Worth" Part 2
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While i love the conclusion of the show to bits (it moved me to inconsolable tears), i wish Sunset did get some conclusion like what she gets here. Not necessarily her becoming a princess, though that is a favourite of mine... Just something that provided a conclusion to EqG. At least she got her cameo in the final moments of the show. i broke down the moment i saw her behind Twilight.

Thank you for giving her this.

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Thanks, yeah I think at least seeing her at Twilight's coronation would be nice thing to see, all in all as much as I grew indifferent to Equestria Girls I alwyas had soft spot for Sunset ^^ and to me she's probably the only character who could fill the spot as co-ruling princess next to Twilight in case she didn't have her friends to back her up ;)

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Great comic , also a perfect future for Sunset^^ This is kinda what i wanted for her character to happen

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This was a beautiful and touching comic. I almost wish it was canon. Twilight becoming a Celestia redesign and all on her own in season 9 just wasn't what I expected. Especially if she would lose her friends. This would have been much more healing for both of them I think. Thanks for a wonderful story.

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Thanks! Well personaly I enjoy the canon look for Alicorn Twilight 2.0 I would dare to say it looks better than Celestia's design, but that's a matter of preference. If anything I was more surprised that it actually became canon :P As for losing friends, well, isn't loss a part of life anyways? We can fairly assume both Celestia and Luna had some friends along the way beside themselves. Certain aspects of life will hurt with or without immortality in equation and I doubt that Twi would become a hermit on everyone all of the sadden. I kind of feel like people tend to go with the worst possible scenario, in contrary to the message this show tries to convey, and as a matter of fact this very comic was created partly in response to all that negative notion - to portray that Twilight can be and do more than just mourn friends and family she would lose over time.

OmniscientTrees's avatar

This sentiment is lovely, and i think you conveyed it really well in this comic! i also think the end of the show also says something similar. While the finale explicitly is about Twilight having to leave her friends to move to Canterlot, subtextually we can also look at it as her having to face the possibility of losing them forever in the future as she lives on. And the ultimate message of the finale is that even if they can no longer be with each other, they will always be friends, no matter how much time passes.

This is where the magic happens (where the magic happens)

This is where the magic lives (where the magic lives)

Our friendships weave together stronger

The bonds grow deeper, lasting longer

And the greatest spell there is

What the Magic of Friendship gives

Just like the projections Twilight summons in the comic. ::D

Thank you so much for creating this awesome Project. Life is quite empty now without MLP G4. But comics like this and the team that made this possible makes life good in the style and level of MLP-FiM/EG did. A good story with a good life lesson. If Hasbro needs some good stories and art for MLP G5 then they should give you all a call. And you actually filled in a more plausible future than what they did in the TV Series. So Princess Twilight and Sunset in Canterlot and Starlight Glimmer as a Princess in the Crystal Empire together with Sunburst. And that completes the circle. Once again, good job and thank you for your contribution.

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I do not wish to boast, but I will do my best to write as much as I can to keep the G4 alive for you. This I do promise.

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Well thanks, although I admit, I'm perfectly fine with the end we got in the series. Not everyone must be "a princess of x" to reach a happy ending. Twilight was groomed for the role as the leader, that's one thing, but I feel like whether it's AJ keeping her farm going, Rarity expanding her business thanks to friends like Yona, and so on, (heck even second tier characters like Starlight, Trixie and Sunburst got nice closure as new staff for School of Friendship) I would say it was pretty much satisfying conclusion in my book. :) 
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This is the best comic I’ve ever read in my entire life! I love it
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Awesome comic Saturday while i know there are more to compliment just know i extend it to them as well, This was a good read and was nice.
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
Thanks, I'm happy to hear you enjoyed our story :)
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Wait what happen to their friends & Celestia & Luna?
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
have you read the whole thing? If so it is mentioned earlier. ;)
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it's so beatifull
rnko26's avatar
lookin forward to reading more from you!
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Congrats on the finished comic !
(on to the next one, now (^v^))
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This was defiantly way better than Part 1. I even dare say Part 1 wasn't even needed, it really didn't involve with the story much. Still, I liked how you gave Twily and Sunny this Luna-and-Celestia-like relationship, except Celly and Lulu are close and personal while Sunset and Twily are more like intimate roommates: and I like it.

Sunset was a hard one to flesh I'll admit because she hardly has any character to wield unlike Twily, so don't beat yourself when I say that Sunset came off a bit too much like Celestia. Well, okay, she has the trollishness of Celestia, but she seems to work a bit more like Luna in terms of working micro by doing simple good deeds, unlike Celestia who is completely hands off and just focuses on the bigger picture.

Still, yeah, this is defiantly something I would like to see continue, just to further flesh this alternate universe out. How and why are there more Griffins than usual? What's with the thing with 'alternate universes' at the beginning of Part 1, are you gonna do anything with that? What happened to Spike again? I forgot, and I wanna know why it happened.

Heck, you can even just do what you did in Part 1: have a monster and big evil, and have Twily and Sunny fight said evil. That's a series I always wanted to see for Celly and Lulu, but Sunny and Twily already look pretty fun. They have a dynamic that doesn't really have anything to it, but I have a feeling that with time there will be that something, and I already see a hint of it.
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The introduction of the concept alternate universes was basically to show that is not same Equesria that you know from the show/comics - that way we also wanted to protect our selves from things that may happen along the way in the show that we wouldn't expect to happen during our work on the comic.

A Princess' Worth Page 00 by saturdaymorningproj
You see the red arrow pointing at the "World of New Reign"? - that was to hint that's the version of universe were the story takes place.

As for the Part 1. To me it was important as a form of introduction. as hint of how things are going but also to show how Sunset's internal dillemmas were taking the toll on her - hence how she handled the fight with Cockatrices and the egg's thief. I don't think part 2 would have same impact if things like that were only mentioned. 

As with some changes - like more other creatures than ponies seen around. That was to show how some various nations got closer to each other during those years, so while ponies are still in majority it's not as uncommon to see more of griffons, yaks, changelings etc.

Anyway, there's indeed lots of questions you asked. Thing is not all of them were important to the story. The story was supposed to be rather intimate, about Sunset's struggle, not about how everything around changed over the years, that's why many of the things you asked about aren't mentioned or are only hinted. If any those topic come up should a sequel come - then I guess we will dwelve on the subject some more ;)
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I guess I was a bit too lure-focused like I normally am. I guess what I was saying was more filler to get _some_ thoughts out, since lure always people something to say. There are no words for Shimmer's story for me, it was just... there was a smile on my face on the second last page, that's all I can express.'

It made me happy.
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Well, I'm glad it did :)
>8/... feh... Tias was better...
*continues playing Kings Raid*
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touched a nerve, I guess. 
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