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A Princess Worth Page 20


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[23] So they gave the egg, then questioned why this happened in the first place. Looks like I got that pieced together.
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We're seeing some role reversal between the Princesses of the Sun and Moon, aren't we.
Yeah, whoo! Go, Twiley!.....
*runs to the castle to get the last slice of cake*
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Oh this won't end well...

What is Sunset's evil nightmare alicorn persona I wonder?
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You're welcome pal ^^
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You'll get there one day, Sunset. You just need to learn to worry less about what they all think of you so that you can focus more on what they need from you.
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And Twilight steal the show from Sunset.
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how the fuck did Sunset become a princess if she doesn't know this would've worked.
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I can't believe that worked... :XD:
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I like Sunset's expression in the last panel.
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salty sunset detected
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"Dude your standing on my tail" Classic... Classic
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Quick, Sunset needs a hug stat. I don't its jealousy here, but, in her mind, she saw this as a chance to prove her worth to the citizens. Even now, in her mind, she's still comparing herself to Celestia, while Twilight, while she still misses them, isn't trying to be Luna 100%, but herself.
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That's pretty much the idea behind the story, and the actual essence of Part 2 ^^
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HOORAY! Twilie is best princess!
MugenSeiRyuu's avatar
I guess the cockatrices will leave in peace...once daddy wakes up.
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Again: Great work :clap: Keep it up :thumbsup: 
Culu-Bluebeaver's avatar
You are welcome :) 
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This is very interesting, I do hope history doesn't repeat itself. I would hate Twilight having to banish Sunset to the moon or something. Still great build-up looking forward to where this leads.
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