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A Princess' Worth Page 10

Just to be clear on something, no, Twilight's hasn't absorbed any of her old friends' souls. Over time she has learned the ability to create (summon?) magical projections of them that come handy at certain times ;) 

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The show ended up coinciding with this in Student Counsel, with Silverstream and Edith's nesting response! 
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(3) Now I'm confused... (SPOILERS DON'T READ!) wait, oh, they just defeated the baby, and now, as foretold in page 14, the mama is coming. Like the Ursa Minor and Major thing, basically.
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Cockatrices are just giant, fluffy kittens; Fluttershy is adorable in that panel

Sunset has a cute side then?

Be faster next time with less collateral damage; then you become vailant :P
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Twilight's too dorky to understand.
Sunset, you might want to talk to somepony about this insecurity. I know it feels like just a little harmless showiness to capture your subjects' attention, but somepony could have gotten hurt. And more importantly, you can't allow yourself to get into the habit of fighting for adoration. Once you view love as a prize to be won, you're bound to start competing for it, and the more you compare yourself to Twilight (or any other currently reigning princess who may exist) the more you're going to feel like you're losing that contest, whether or not you actually are. That's a path already trodden by Luna, and we both know it doesn't go anywhere good.

You must learn to accept that if you work hard at princessing to the best of your abilities, those who understand what you do will respect you for it, and they're the only ones who matter. A crowd chanting your name is nice, but it means less than a peer saying "I couldn't have done it without you," and if you can internalize this fact it will make you a happier and more well-balanced pony.
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The topic of Sunset's feelings and insecurity will be talked at length eventually :)
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hehe how cute cocktrice act like a kitten,It's sad to see fluttershy who pass away about 100 years ago.. I wonder Discord and Spike is still alive?
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As much as I have come up with, yup those two are alive and well, although not featured in that story ;)
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i sense a moon vs sun fight coming up here plus sparkly twilight hair!!!
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I love the idea of Twilight summoning a spectral Fluttershy to handle animals. :)
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Well, I agree that's a less destructive and less badass way of stopping a cockatrice... ^^; :XD:
So uh, hey! I-I wasn't actually cheerin for the cockatrice! I was just tryin to boost it's ego! Yeah, see! I'm on your sides!...

.... P l e a s e  d o n t  h u r t  m e ...
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and the giant cock is asleep she really know how to handle it 
*knocks on your door*
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lol my body is ready
*bursts through the door with a bat at the ready*
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you know where to stick the bat right?
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yep right on the shelf 
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SM: >__>..... ^^ well back to reading the newspaper
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