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Some may know this or not, but the word says 100th episode of MLP: FIM is actually gonna be all about background ponies - yup, no mane 6 or other usual cast in sight for that one. Personally I am no background pony enthusiast, but I'm sure there is plenty of people looking foward to that paticular episode. Who knows maybe it will turn out to be good, here is hoping (note from future self: nope, it was terrible episode). Not sure how many of You guys where thinking about the possible outcome of this very episode - as we know fandom has created lots of theories and fanons for some of the background ponies, but I'm pretty sure not all of them will be included in this episode - are you prepeared to have your headcanon crushed? are you? ARE YOU?! no hard feelings, it's just me fooling around, well in any case, let's just have some fun, another meta comic, suitably with Lyra and Bon Bon, again short work as a little warm up ;)
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