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A guy who draws in general. Both digital and traditional. Well, I try :P

You can find me on twitter:

Also if you're into raunchy stuff, well, I draw stuff like that too every now and then,

you can check my more daring gallery here:

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Bruce Timm
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sf, horror, comedies
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Hey folks, I hope you all have fun during the Holidays. I wish you all Merry Christmas and fun times during the New Year celebrations ;) Second thing is less optimistic. You see, at the beginning of the 2023 the tenement where I live will undergo a series of renovations, which will basically turn my flat into construction site. Because of that I need to make some heavy preperations so my stuff won't get damaged during that time. Due to that there's a big possiblity that I won't be active on DA or Twitter as I used to, and what's even worse, I probably won't be able to even work on any project during that time. How long it will take? No idea, probably things won't return to relatively normal state until april or may - at least that's what I'm hoping. So in case I won't be around, it means just that. Gotta say, it all feels pretty disheartening but there's nothing I can do about it. Ah well, See you later - whenever that may be :(
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This is it.

1 min read
The almost-decade long feud between Rarity and Tom has reached its conclusion. What a journey it was...congrats to everyone involved ^^
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hello awesome artwork gallery btw is the request open?

Hello, thank you for kind words ^^ As for requests, nah sorry, for

now I will be rather busy with other projects so I'm not sure when

I will do any request next time.

your welcome.

oh that's fine.

hello saturdaymorningproj are you there and if so i will like to talk to you if you would hear me out because i'm curious to know if you are currently accepting art requests and if so i was wonderin if you could digitally drawn my 2 separate requests for a poster and a team vector of the legacy of evil if you don't mind me asking because i'm curious to know if you could digitally drawn my 2 separate requests

y/n (my little pony friendship is magic villain male reader is the ruler of the grimm from the rwby universe since the grimm have became apart of the my little pony friendship is magic universe and are considered to be creatures of darkness without souls and are also the darker counterparts of what the changelings from the my little pony friendship is magic universe used to be (the details of y/n is that his skin looks like salem from rwby's skin but has the same eye color as king sombra from my little pony friendship is magic and his hair looks like vanitas's hair from kingdom hearts and his coat looks like the master of masters from kingdom hearts's coat and is in kingdom hearts manga style and y/n's sister is chrysalis (my little pony friendship is magic) y/n the supreme master



lute from hazbin hotel as the executioner and aswell as being y/n's right hand lady



starscream from transformers prime spin off series robots in disguise in transformers prime style and is the airforce commander



belos from the owl house is the powerful magic user

The Owl House - Emperor Belos


black doom from sonic the hedgehog video game series is the powerful conqueror

Black Doom Render


dimentio from the super paper mario bros video game series universe but in transformers prime style is the planning expert



the ultimate green goblin (norman osborn) from ultimate marvel comics/disney xd cartoon series of ultimate spider-man which is inspired by LuccaWorld's version of the ultimate green goblin (norman osborn) is the muscle

The amazing Spider-Man animated - Green Goblin


android 21 from dragon ball fighterz video game is the scientist

Android #21 Render


general grievous from the star wars series universe is the warrior and hunter

General Grievous

and together they are the legacy of evil

and the legacy of evil is inspired by the 13 seekers of darkness (kingdom hearts) and steeljaw's pack (transformers prime spin off series robots in disguise) and the sinister six (the ps4/ps5's spider-man video game series) and the foot clan (tmnt 2012) and the negative 10 (ben 10 the original cartoon series) and the h.i.v.e. (the teen titans 2003 cartoon series) and team nefarious (ratchet and clank rift apart) and salem's inner circle (rwby) and the chaos council (sonic prime)

Are you open for requests/suggestions?

Hello, well when it comes to requests it all depends on how busy I am at given time, and how complicated the project itself is. The one I posted recently wasn't too complicated so I was able to squeeze it in my schedule. As for now I'm tad busy, sorry ^^'

It's alright.

Mind if i send one in anyway that you can just get to whenever you get the chance, or should i just wait to send it?