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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I submit a proper visual style port request?
A: Send an e-mail to me at chaossoldier848@live.com or send me a note containing the following: permission from the original author, the visual style name, a link to the visual style, your DeviantART name (if I have to contact you), and any additional information.

Q: How do I use your visual styles?
A: If you haven't already, patch your system files using VistaGlazz or by patching your system files manually. The files can be found here. I am not reliable for any problems you might have while doing this. After you have your system files patched, extract the .zip file you've downloaded directly into "C:WINDOWSResourcesThemes". Double click on the .msstyles file inside the folder you just extracted. You can also apply my visual styles with programs such as StyleSelector, TuneUp Utilities, and Avestyler.

Q: If I were to create a concept for a Windows Vista theme, would you help me create it?
A: Yeah, show me your stuff!

Q: I downloaded a RAR/7z file. What's it for?
A: Get a program like 7-zip (recommended) or WinRAR to see what's inside the file. (You'll usally have to extract the contents to a folder if you're going to use it. It works like a zip-file.)

Q: Do you take requests?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I modify one of your Visual Styles and submit it here on DeviantART?
A: No.

Q: HELP! Some elements in the visual style show up black, or don't show up at all!
A: Post a comment in the F.A.Q. or on the page featuring the visual style. Be sure to describe the issue, and what feature(s) are missing.

Q: When I try to apply one of your visual styles, I get an error message that says "Visual Style cannot be applied." or something along those lines.
A: Please re-download the visual style, there may have been something wrong with the download. If the problem persists, and other users have had the same issue, then I will try to help the best I can.

Q: Will you make various mods of your themes? (ie: slim-taskbar, color modifications, etc)
A: No, the themes I port are as is and will not be altered, unless there is a problem that hinders the usability of the theme. Although, for the themes that I design myself, I might alter them to suit the community's interest.
As requested by various XP theme authors, I will port the theme according to their likings, if you have a question for alteration, then you can bring it up with them.

Q: What's going on? There's no .theme file.
A: You don't need a .theme file to apply my Visual Styles. The Visual Style itself is in the .msstyle file.

Q: How do you create themes?
A: Visit UkIntel for his tutorials.

Q: Can I use your Visual Styles in Windows XP or Windows Blinds?
A: The themes are not compatible with Windows XP nor Windows Blinds. Although if the Visual Style is a port, then click on the link to the original XP theme.

Q: Will you port your themes to Gnome GTK?
A: No, but if someone offers, go ahead. Be sure to credit where it is due.

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What about Embedded on 7? It is the most underloved theme of all time.