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WE: Black - Vista Port

By Satukoro
Watercolor Emico: Black Modern Port to Vista
Original XP: [link]

Thanks to ~Gelosea for permission.
© 2008 - 2021 Satukoro
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Great theme. Still use it on my Vista. Compact and neat. Thank.
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There is a way to port the them for windows 7 ? :(

I tried to do it by myself but there are too many bug in my port ...
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I'm not allowed to port the Watercolor Emico series to Windows 7.
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Ok... I finaly done it by myself for my personnal use !
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I really want a port of this theme for windows 7...
I trying to do this by myself but I canot deal with VARIANT hex file and I tried to do my portage using the portage of luna theme...
The result is realy not perfect...

Go here to see this by yourself ...

I want your help to make an acceptable portage
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I want a seven port !
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Can´t you do a Win7 test port of this? while Gelosea ends his Aero theme of course ;-)
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I asked Gelosea about porting his visual styles to Windows 7. He told me that he would do it and that I didn't have permission to release them publicly.
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The right hand panel is way too wide, the left side should be the wider side.
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I kept the same dimensions as the original.
Accidentally i started Windows Media Player today and found there is a small problem with the colors: [link]
Thanks for the port of the theme. Nice work.

I found a small problem: The background of dialog boxes are white for some applications: [link]
Is that fixable?
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I'm not quite sure why that happens. It could be that the application uses it's own visual style metrics. (meaning that it will use its own colors and whatnot)
It looks like the the dialog box is different from the normal dialog boxes with are grey when using default Vista Aero style. Here is a screenshot: [link] .
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I can't believe I just found this... such a good theme!
Only gripe is the search bar is gone form the start menu. Other than that i love it.
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Good job, looks awesome.
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Very nice port bud. Really.
However, the startbutton doesn't look right with bigger taskbars.
Not a big deal though.

You've got a +fav.
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Thanks man.

What do you mean "bigger taskbars?
Nittiyh's avatar
When you resize your taskbar.. Like doublesized :P
Satukoro's avatar
Right, right...
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But I guess it's the same with the XP skin, so it's not your fault.. :)
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Unfixable so it's by design =P
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