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Royale port to Win7 Aero

By Satukoro
Royale ported to Windows 7 Aero and Basic.
The original Royale is © Microsoft.
I claim no ownership over the original theme and I am not affiliated with Microsoft.
The start orb shown can be found here: [link]
The wallpaper that I used can be found in `night-fate's gallery.
© 2010 - 2021 Satukoro
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It doesn't seem to work on my PC


Долго искал эту тему!

i cannot even open the theme file...
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first you need to extarct the zip file then copy all the theme files and put them on C:/Windows/Resources/themes and it will work 
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I've been looking for this for about a year. Thank you for providing this! I really appreciate it.
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Muchísimas gracias! 
its missing the light blue on the notification center
how do u make themes like this
I like Royale theme, my favorite. I used it for long time in XP and Server 2003 and I installed this theme in my WIndows 7. I liked it but it's not completed, I think. Menus are still Windows 7 style. I hate menus of Windows 7 and newer versios of Windows. They are huge. XP/2003 had best menus. Now I disabled Themes service and I use Classic Theme. Better than any theme except Royale. Somehow I applied Royale theme when Themes service was already stopped and now accidentaly I made my own theme. Classic with even better menus XP style. Just title buttons now looks ugly but nothing is perfect.
I don't know if it is possible to make Royale theme with XP menus but if so take in consideration to make one for me and others like me. :) And then I'd feel fullyu XP style in Windows 7.
try getting classic shell and you can change start menu to look like xp
I meant all menus not Start Menu. Start Menu is perfect on this theme. I Already installed ClassicShell but it has no option for menus. In the meantime I'm back to Windows Server 2003 with original Royale theme. :)
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Satukoro when you have the wallpaper on your hdd please upload it here because night-fate's gallery is down
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Is there a ROyale Noir anywhere?
how to install it ???plz give me a video tutorial anyone plz
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Hi guys. Thanks Satukoro for this port. For those interested, I have made an improved version here; it has minor bugs fixed, and it includes the Noir theme, XP sounds, wallpapers, and screensavers. There is more to come so stay tuned.

how do i apply it, doesnt seem to work on my computer
Pretty! Thank you
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Is there a way to make the taskbar narrow like in the picture? It is currently wide. And also is it possible to make the arrow next to All Programs green? It is currently black. Thank you!
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Yeah. Right click the start orb and click "properties". Then, when the properties window comes up, click the "taskbar" tab. Then check the box saying "use small icons" and go to the drop-down menu that says "always combine" and choose "never combine". There you go :)
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Very nice and thanks. I always use old themes on new OSes! Specially original themes, always a reminder of what it used to be.
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nice classic theme~~
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The problem with the background of the start menu is only in the non aero theme. But there, after clicking on a folder, the items are highlighted no more if you hover over them.
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