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Luna port to Windows 7 -Aero-

Luna ported to Windows 7 Aero and Basic.
The original Luna is © Microsoft.
I claim no ownership over the original theme and I am not affiliated with Microsoft.
How to install and use 3rd party themes in Windows 7
© 2009 - 2021 Satukoro
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Muito bom aplicativo não consigo baixar

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Do you use it on Windows 10 right now?

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Is this compatible with Windows 10 or Windows 7 Starter?

read the title dumbass

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Woah, woah! Calm down, I was just asking!

sorry i was just in a bad mood when i read this comment lol

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Ok, no problem! XD

It does not work


Can you change the start button? It makes me feel not downloading when i see any windows xp themes for windows 7 with start button without ''start''.

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You can just change the start button and start menu with classic shell/open shell.

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у меня чё-то выглядит не так как у тебя

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Thanks, really like this look!

не скачивается

there used to be a set of instructions on here at one time I know you have to copy Luna and Luna areo theme to C: drive but where do you copy Resoures folder in order to run the system files thanks Simon

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Damn dude! Thank you very much for this zhing!!!
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