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Luna port to Windows 7 -Aero-

By Satukoro
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Luna ported to Windows 7 Aero and Basic.
The original Luna is © Microsoft.
I claim no ownership over the original theme and I am not affiliated with Microsoft.
How to install and use 3rd party themes in Windows 7
© 2009 - 2020 Satukoro
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cikaldevNew Deviant

nuhun kang.. :love:


Can you change the start button? It makes me feel not downloading when i see any windows xp themes for windows 7 with start button without ''start''.

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у меня чё-то выглядит не так как у тебя

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AbotageHobbyist Photographer

Thanks, really like this look!

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wow thank

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не скачивается

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Hello, thanks for sharing,

here is the info on how to install.

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there used to be a set of instructions on here at one time I know you have to copy Luna and Luna areo theme to C: drive but where do you copy Resoures folder in order to run the system files thanks Simon

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Damn dude! Thank you very much for this zhing!!!
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Or even better, use classic shell and 7+ taskar tweaker. IMO
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where is the DOWNLOAD LINK???
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I don't know whether you still work on those themes, but I found them and I loved them, because I want to get the nostalgic look back.

I wanted to report some issues with the Basic theme, in the image below you can see some elements that aren't changed to look as part of the Luna style and although nobody gives a damn about Internet Explorer (Chrome and Firefox are the way to go), it also has some weird blue line on the tab bar.
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does this work in windows 10? Windows :-) (Smile) 
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Windows Streak 
Unfortunately, this theme is for Windows 7 .  
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Does it use GPU acceleration? :? (Confused) :? (Confused) :-? (Confused) :-? (Confused) 

Suiseiseki Talking Icon 
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Any Aero themes are GPU-Accelerated. Themes like "Windows Basic" or "Windows Classic" and Third-Party themes that use the classic style are offloaded to the CPU, which is why in Windows XP you could make Window Art when your CPU was at 100%.

If this theme uses Aero, then it will be GPU-Accelerated :) (Smile)  
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Oh, thanks so much :) (Smile) :) (Smile) 
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eliscristiane2012Professional Artist
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Cairo2011Hobbyist Artist
All we need is the embedded theme and Luna olive, and put it into a pack.
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Glowbutt2722Hobbyist General Artist
Why did I install that explorer.exe shit? Waaaah!  
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