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Luna Metallic Port to Win7Aero

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By Satukoro   |   
© 2010 - 2020 Satukoro
Luna Metallic ported to Windows 7 Aero and Basic.
The original Luna Metallic is © Microsoft.
I claim no ownership over the original theme and I am not affiliated with Microsoft.
The start orb shown can be found here: [link]
Updated to fix the maximized window error for basic.
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Legoman555Professional Digital Artist
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Meztli72Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome!!! :aww:
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i know this post is very old, but can you make an olive theme for windows 7? i'de be willing to pay you to do this
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TheVistas2004Student Interface Designer
i like this theme.
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How did you make the taskbar buttons smaller in height than the taskbar? Because in Windows 7, the taskbar butttons stretch right from the top to bottom.

Could you please tell me how you made the taskbar buttons smaller in height?
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The link does not work.
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ZuaroOSStudent Interface Designer
Can I port this theme compatible in 8.1?
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ZuaroOSStudent Interface Designer
I meant for 8.1.
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ZuaroOSStudent Interface Designer
can you port this to 8.1?   ;)
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Hi, Satukoro. Can you spare a little of your time to make this work of art perfect?

1. On xp, the  taskbar has white font on selected button and black font on deselected one. On this theme, the font is black for both states -… Can i have this "black/white" behavior?

2. Under the taskbar buttons there is a row of pixels that are left and right clickable, very annoying when you quickly move the mouse on various buttons -… Can the theme be edited to make that row of pixel disappear and have the buttons clickable even when the mouse is on the lowest possible point?

3. The font used for the taskbar buttons is slightly different. 7font -… ; xp font -…  Can the theme be edited to use the exact xp font?

4. When i delete a file or folder, xp looks like this -… , 7 like this -… How can i get the xp smaller look in 7?

5. On xp, icons for file extensions that don't have a program associated with them look like this -… , win7 has this white one -… How to change to xp style? 


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Is there a problem sir?
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Aero snap and shake is not disable in basic theme
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x button is (ugly or nice) in basic theme!
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Not apply aero theme!!! best is basic theme!!!
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xKrazyKoopaxProfessional Digital Artist
Any chance you can make this for windows 8? It would be very much appreciated
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Not a chance, sorry.
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xKrazyKoopaxProfessional Digital Artist
Alright thanks anyway
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SimplexDesignsARTHobbyist Interface Designer
I have one available for windows 8.1 :p
 Windows XP Luna Silver
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Hi, Please provide a download link to this theme and stop scamming you little freak! If it's not provided in 1 week, I'll have to hack this website just to remove this project! Thank you.
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kingboosbiggestfanHobbyist Digital Artist
It won't work... Any ideas what might be wrong?
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