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Luna Element Black Vista Port

By Satukoro
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Luna Element Black Vista Port


Original: [link]

Port request by ~Gelosea himself.

Problems? See my F.A.Q.
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Is it possible you can make a Windows 7-compatible version of this? I would love to use this theme!
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First of all : THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is definitely saved my desktop and eyes.

However there is a small bug that doesn't really bother me much but it would be nice if it was fixed:

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I'm not sure I understand what the bug is.
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Sorry about that,
its just that when there is a group in the taskbar and you select an individual program/folder from the group the hover on that individual thing is white and not see-able (second screenshot)
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Oh, thanks for that. I'll look into it.
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Thanks Satukoro, appreciate it.

By the way I cannot thank you enough for porting the skin to vista :)
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Could you please port this for Windows 7 as well, if you have the tools for it? New Vista Style Builder should support Win7 if that's what you are using (but I don't want to buy a licence to port just one theme :/ )... Thanks!
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I have vista style builder and all the tools to port themes to 7. I have a few that I have been working on for a bit. I may release some of them.
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Wow - that would be great! Thank you.
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Lovsterr Writer
well im new to diz whole thing ....n I would like to knoe how exactly im supposed to make that dowload work on my comp.... meaning some directions .]
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awesome!!! more ports pleaasseeee! you're great :)
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I've been waiting FOREVER for this port... Would it be possible for the compact version of this? The one with the thinner taskbar and titlebar... You would be my hero!
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OtisBeeHobbyist Interface Designer
a classic!
well done!
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thanks man, nice gift from you to New Year
best regards. Petr
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Thank you so much. Though you know what sucks? I just left vista to xp because I wanted to be able to have all these greats skins and customization options. Now vista is being customized just how I want :(
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change back :)
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