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My gallery!
In a good way. Please, please have patience. I am aware I owe some you guys a lot of stuff, and I will do it as soon as I finish this stuff. (however tomorrow I'll work on stuff).

So what's happening? Got an internship (short, but still) working in the character design department for a few animated shorts that I can't elaborate about because of non disclosure stuff. May get another internship (not very well paid but with paid rent) "out of town", that if I get it will be awesomeness, however this isn't really set in stone yet. Thanks to the former I made friends with a person that may open some doors in the industry. And I have to work for my final project for school during this month, which apparently is going to get published. Also one art piece that I made in collaboration with a somehow famous artist here was sold and with my share of it I was able to pay the debt I had with the bank due to 2016 shit. Two years ago I would have never thought this could be possible, so even if I still really have to walk a lot of this path, I can't complain about this start.

(And not related, but I won a ps4 in a contest two weeks ago lol)

Like really, 2016 was a truly crappy year. Lots of really crazy stuff out of the blue that ruined a lot of shit. I made promises that I couldn't fulfill due to all the shit that happened all of a sudden from October to almost mid-January. But 2017 so far seems to be made of gold. I will do my best to catch up during June, since it will be way less hectic and I really want to start a patreon during July.

I mean the number of spots of people that would be supported enough to have a proper living "here" seems to be taken already (and as I've said a few times, I stopped being one of the cool guys here 4 years ago), so I don't have a lot of faith put in my future patreon... that I wanted to start back in January lol. But I really need to have at least one month of it so I can repay one of my promises to some of you guys, after that it'll be a thing until you get tired of it and/or it's most costly to have it open than not (taxes are crazy here in Spain if I want to make it legal).

Also I will need to keep in mind if it's less taxing (in other ways) to have it open or not in the long run. Like, right now I am more or less low-key but a couple years ago I got a big enough amount of shit from some people within the "community" (both artists and not artists) to mantain a farm for about a year; I got a moderate amount of shit from people outside the community...... and I wasn't paid $3K a month, nor I got 1k faves per deviation in return. Ain't nobody got time for that.

I mean I got a bit of shit when I asked for a bit over $1k so I could buy a computer last year and I am honestly not complaining, I knew it was part of the deal. But if the shit outweighs the money...

Anyway! Kidding aside, some of you guys are great. Literally all the good stuff that is happening to me right now, wouldn't have happened without those who helped me buy the laptop, and before that the people who commissioned and most of them are still waiting for their commissions to be finished (without them I wouldn't have been able to pay two months of fees to the bank and I would have been in way bigger problem) :thumbsup: You know who you are, I'll work on your stuff.





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is he dead?
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