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Ginga Nagareboshi Gin Menko Cards

By Satsuma1
40 different GNG menko cards.

I've been wondering what is the total number of these. If you have seen some other GNG menko cards than in the picture, please share.
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Nov 3, 2013, 2:05:43 PM
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PatheticCreature's avatar
This is the first time I see these cards, so can't tell you if there are more, but they're really cool. You're very lucky to have them.
I love the one of Gin and his siblings (too many of the other cards just reminds me of too much damn sadness).
Satsuma1's avatar
Thanks ^^ I've collected these for couple of years so it has taken some time to gather all of these.
That card is one of my favorites too, it's so adorable. I would have wanted to see more of those puppy Gin cards. Some of the cards may be sad themed, but I don't find it bothering. 
BeachBumDunkin's avatar

OHhhhhh so lucky you are. There's quite a few of these that I've been after. I sadly have no Menko cards yet (cries) LOL.


You've got quite an impressive collection of them thus far! Congrats 8D I'm loving those Riki ones <3

Satsuma1's avatar
Thank you =) Some of the cards I've been after like ages. Or so it feels.  I guess the one with Daisuke, Fuji and the puppies were the hardest to find.
No menko cards? Nooo! ;) I have some for trade if you are interested? =)
BeachBumDunkin's avatar
You're welcome C: And I can imagine haha- which ones do you have for trade? And what are you looking for in exchange I may be interested ^^
Satsuma1's avatar
Magnets, hologram prism stickers or other small stuff like that would be nice for trade.  I can send you a pic of the menko cards and then you can tell me if you are interested or not. ^^
BeachBumDunkin's avatar
Okay sounds good- yeah I'd like to see photos of the ones you have to offer then we can go from there ^^
RiKyy's avatar
Wow incredible cool! :D I will get tomorrow an big packet menkos but I will only have 26 >< But how I see you have all, and I didn't find any what you don't have. So you maybe have all? :la:

Satsuma1's avatar
Thanks! ^^ 26 is quite many, it took years for me to collect 40 of these. How long have you collected menko cards? I have couple of extra menko cards if you are interested in trading?
I've been wondering that maybe the total is 40, but can't be sure. I've only seen 40 different ones of these. I'd love to see if someone has found different ones.
RiKyy's avatar
I started collect menkos about 3-4 months ago :D I traded my first two menkos with Anttu, and since this time I collecting these :D I can't wait to get these tomorrow :)
Oh, I love to get some others, so maybe we can trade :3 Can you send me a pic, which ones have you got doubles, please? :))
Well, I want to see menkos from the last 4 episode of the anime. Because I love to see one with for example the Battouga :D
Satsuma1's avatar
Ah, you've collected them very fast. I'll send you a pic of the extra menko cards later. ^^
Yeah, Battouga one would be awesome =D And I would have wanted to see more pictures of Gin as puppy. I could imagine those ones would be adorable. =)
RiKyy's avatar
Okay, thank you :hug:
Yeah, I love the puppy Gin ones too :D And maybe more Riki :D
FlamewolfTheWhite's avatar

En ole ainakaan itse nähnyt näiden lisäksi muita menko kortteja, 40 kuulostaisi isona tasalukuna täydeltä määrältä.

Satsuma1's avatar
Oon kanssa miettinyt, että voisiko tuo 40 olla kokonaismäärä, kun en ole itsekään nähnyt muita erilaisia menko-kortteja.
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