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Alice in Wonderland

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Well, this is another type of Alice in Wonderland. This pic should show how Wonderland would look like, if the world is completely japanese. xD
I have so many things to tell about this picture, but I'm not able to write it in english =_=;;
Hum... I wrote Alice's Name in Kanji, because in old Japan Katakanas didn't exist °-°
(Don't ask me what Kanjis or Katakanas are XD; )
...... Did Hiragana exist in old Japan? o_O;; Dunno '-'

Edit 2013:
I made a remake of this…
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ShaD-23Hobbyist General Artist
An Edo Wonderland?
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Katakana has been around for approximately 1,200 years... yeah... so has hiragana...
Otherwise nice concept :-)
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TwilightAngelKeyHobbyist General Artist
AWWW Thats so CUTE and cool i know who everyone is stil with is GREAT :heart: it
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What are those wooden things :3 ?
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Kirby4evaHobbyist Artist
Reminds me of Hell Girl! XD Great job!!!
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otaku-hime95Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very cool :D If this were an anime I'd watch it :nod:
I added it to the wrong folder, sorry >_>
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Sugoii~ Amazing!
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Kkqt7Hobbyist Traditional Artist
eeeep!!i love it with a burning passion!!


fudge u with sprinkles!!! XD
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Kitsune1995Hobbyist General Artist
oh my! this is wonderful! i would read this if i was a manga....hmmm.....
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Chinchachki13Hobbyist General Artist
everyone else may not know what katakana, hiragana, and kanji are but i do!! XD *she thinks...*

they are the three style of japanese writing right??? one is mor masculine, one is feminine and the other is complex...right??? any who love your picture to death... XD
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They are three distinct styles of orthography in the Japanese language. Kanji are Chinese characters, katakana was derived from Chinese and is now used for non-Japanese derived/foreign language borrowed vocabulary (although not exclusively), and hiragana is used for vocabulary of Japanese origin.
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nondokaHobbyist Digital Artist
Whoa... so cute
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qwertyierHobbyist General Artist
really cute and awesome!
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SaSuKeUcHiHaFiCaTiOn Traditional Artist
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Waaaaaaaw nice! good job ^^

eeeeh kanji,katakana,hiragana ect.? i dont understand this stuff! *going crazy*
but im not alone xD

uh yes...favourite! <3
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Awesome >.<!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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If I am right, Katakana is where you take the English words like 'Alice' and you write them in Japanese. Mainly it is used for names and such or also places like "Statue of Liberty'. I could be wrong but I am sure about the Person's name and such. It works with all languages outside of Japan I believe because Zoro from One Piece is Written in Katakana and I believe is name is Italian or something like that. Sorry if this bored you
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poproxs--DrPepper23Hobbyist General Artist
Nice I like the idea of a japanese alice ^_^
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RaspberryBazzarStudent General Artist
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Woah, this is amazing! :D
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This is so CUTE! Especially Arisu!

The mad hatter makes me laugh!
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kyriewolfluver212Hobbyist General Artist
This is so cool!
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I love the Cheshire Cat and the White Rabbit :)
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